Saturday, May 1, 2010

aw, blush! she called me beautiful!

I would like to thank Sandie for awarding this Beautiful Blogger award to me. One thing I enjoy about blogging is getting to know members of the community, on a personal level. If one is an open writer, readers get to know the blogger on a personal level, but what I refer to is emailing one another "behind the scenes." Sandie is one of those friends. She has a kind and giving heart. She is encouraging and loving, lifting each and everyone of her readers up on a daily basis.
I am an open blogger, and am now supposed to share ten things that my readers do not know about me. I will choose to share facts about my past that formed who I am as an adult.
1. I was a Girl Scout from second grade through my junior year of high school. I earned the "First Class" award which is equivalent to Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts. My mother was my leader and I earned about every badge one could earn. I had badges down the front and up the back of my sash. I believe people thought my mother was easy on me in the badge earning department, when in truth, she was harder on me than anyone else. I grew up going to Girl Scout camp- Camp Windigo in Upland, IN. Some people might be "home sick," but come springtime, I would become camp sick with a strong yearning to pack up and be at camp. I was camper, kitchen aid and finally counselor.
2. I played violin for one year in grade school. I enjoyed the violin, but at the end of the year we had to play "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," and I was so embarrassed, I could not continue with the study of violin.
3. I started playing flute in the sixth grade and played flute through my senior year. In marching band, I played piccolo. I adored being a "band geek." People who make fun of band geeks have no idea the glory and honor of being a member of the band. Especially marching band. The band was my family. Our director was both mother and father. I LOVED my director and wrote a piece for my hometown paper honoring him upon his retirement. My most embarrassing moment in band was at band camp, when the girls were housed in a boy's dorm. In the middle of the night, my best friend and I went to the restroom and I was curious to see what would happen when I flushed the urinal. It overflowed all over the floor and we had to run to get one of the chaperones. I was sitting in the grass the next morning and the director came over and nudged me with his foot and said "what was that all about last night, Lindsey?"
I was fiercely competitive in band and if I wasn't sitting first chair I was pissed and would win it back the next week in challenges.
4. My church membership is with the Foursquare Pentecostal Church. I was deeply involved with Foursquare from age 15-30. I have heard every joke there is about running the aisles and jumping the pews. I think Aimee Simple McPherson must have been very courageous and intelligent even though my Great-Grandma told me that she was "quite scandalous." I still enjoy going back to my hometown and attending Foursquare with members of my family.
5. I was on speech team from 8th through 12th grade and although I wasn't the best, it taught me to be a confident public speaker.
6. From age twelve on, I sang solos in church. Because our choir director believed in me and encouraged me, I was able to begin singing solos. The worst thing about being a soloist in church is that everyone in the church knows your name and I always felt like I didn't know any of their names. I always felt is easier to sing for the masses rather than a few. The masses are a blur. A few are individuals. I was taught not only to imagine my audience in their underwear, but to ask myself how many of my listeners would get up in front to do what I was doing.
7. I only went to college for one year and quit to get married. Something I vowed neither of my children would ever do. (And they did not.) I went back to school in '97 and graduated with a bachelor's degree in English and a minor in Natural Resources. I have to say my graduation day was one of the happiest of my life. I love continuing education.
8. I was a writer before I ever went back to school. I had a column entitled "Flip Side," which I wrote about my life, my children, observances. I have always felt that I see things from a little bit different angle than others. When I went back to school everyone thought I would study Journalism. With Journalism, less is more. With English majors, more is more. I want to fight for every single one of my words...not be chopped.
9. I was married for eleven years and about half of that time was heavenly, the other half was not. My life has always been very calculated and planned out and both of my children were planned and conceived purposely.
10. I am still amazed to call myself "artist." I have only been on my art journey for about one and a half years and love the growth and freedom it has brought into my life. My mother told me that I was supposed to be artistic because I am a Libra. No one ever told me. I am thankful and grateful every day for my friend Carol who insisted on and encouraged me to begin.

Now to tag others...
1. My beloved Jenny Sue who is sunshine and goodness and happiness and beauty.
2. A new friend Cherie, who is a local gal that I have yet to meet.
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7. Lisa, a local gal that I have met... & love...
8. The other Cheryl
9. Pam with her yummy recipes.
10. My long lost twin sister, Susan.

There you have it...ten little known facts de moi- parts of my life that have formed who I am today. If you have been tagged, say something about me, tell us ten little known facts about you and tag ten others!
M-WAH! Thanks Sandie! XO


Chatty Crone said...

I am so incredibly impressed by you - I am so glad you shared! I didn't know hardly any of that - but I do get now how you camped in Hawaii - that is when I joined your blog and never quite figured it out - I should have read backwards in your blog.

I'm glad we're behind the scenes friends.

I have never heard of a Four Square Church in my life.

I like your competitiveness and spirit.

Amazing woman . . .

Cheryl said...

You mutter so nicely. Your truths were inspiring. Thanks for passing this on to me. Eek! TEN things?

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