Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Have you ever met a turkey hunter? (or two?)

Last Saturday, on our way to the wine fest, Duggles had to stop to potty at Knight's Corner. Locals know where it is- on the road between Bloomington and Nashville. There were a couple of turkey hunters with a turkey and being the kind of girl that I am, I hopped out of the van to chat with them and take photos. (Inquiring minds want to know!) They were more than happy to comply, to pose, to educate. I love this pic. The hunter who got the bird (on the left) wanted to hold it up so that we could see how tall it was. I love the expression on the hunter's face on the right.
Hunter on the left was telling us this is how you display your kill. He said this was his ninth bird.

He was showing us how some feathers are round and some are straight and told us that the turkey uses the round feathers to strut for the ladies.
Look at the beautiful color. He was showing us the "beard" of this male bird. It looked and felt like a horse's tail. He said only males have beards.
I truly enjoyed talking with these fellows. Knight's Corner is a check-in station and his bird weighed in at twenty-one pounds. I asked him if he was going to freeze him and save him for Thanksgiving and patting his stomach he told me he was going to take him home and cook him and eat him. The man with the great smile (farmer on right) told us he would buy the beer if we wanted to join them.
But, alas, we were on our way to the wine festival. So, we thanked them for the educational information and the photos and were on our way.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Intrigue at the Story Wine Festival

On Saturday, we went to this wine fair on the grounds of this inn.
I wandered about taking photographs.
On the right side of the building and downstairs, there is a pub.

I don't believe they drink root beer there (maybe you can)...but this sign was on the side of the building, nearby.You gotta have these- especially in deer hunting country.Grill master and friend.
More of the grounds.
View from our seats. Lots of great music!
I have to admit - I was intrigued by this man's hair. It was shiny, clean and blowing in the wind.
Our friend Kathy. Our friend Marti from Indy joined us as well, but I did not get a pic of her. I am so sorry, Marti!
Kathy took a pic of duggles and me.
I was intrigues by this beautiful woman. She looked like Cynthia Nixon from Sex and the City. I loved her hair, her cut and her style. Red heads always turn my head. I was intrigued by this conversation. Sisters? And this conversation. They were sitting right beside the dance "floor." (The cement area in front of the band stand.) I'm certain they had to yell to be heard. I love the way he is leaning into her in earnest and touching her back.
I was intrigued by this little girl who seemed to be wearing eye shadow. Her doggie-mom said "she never leaves home without it!"
The scene under one of the tents.

Doug & I were both intrigued by this woman. I was intrigued by her hair and cut. Doug was intrigued by her Abbey Road tattoo.Can't you see her friend wondering why I am taking photos of the back of this woman? With a back like that, you are clearly asking to be photographed.
Cute server. Can you say circa 1970's?
Yowsa. Beautiful eyes and I believe I see the hint of a dimple.
Tasting, tasting, tasting. I bought six bottles of wine. It is a great opportunity to buy what you like from many of the Indiana wineries, all in one place at once. On Saturday my facebook status read: "More wine than wine rack. You say that like it is a bad thing." A little girl sleeping.A big girl sleeping. She looks as if she has had a little bit too much sun and maybe, a little bit too much wine. But then again, maybe she was just tired.

I snapped this photo right out beside where we parked the van. Some people call this part of Indiana "God's Country." It is a beautiful place to live.
I sat in the back of the van on the way home while Doug & Kathy chatted it up - up front. I call this photo "rear view."
All in all, it was a great day. They have held the Story Wine Fest for seven years and we have gone for several years. Always a great time. Three things to remember: a designated driver (um, that would be you, Duggles), drink lots of water and eat. I can do that.

Monday, April 20, 2009

My class at Hoosier Recreation Workshop

Camp Camby in beautiful Camby, Indiana.Members of my class get down to work.

Carlos was very creative.
I asked him if he were an artist and he told me that his brother was.
I told him it must run in the family.
He was doing things and I was saying "how did you do that?"
I love learning from my students!

Consternation. She said to do what?
You've got it, Dee! Very nice.
Dale first taught me, then I taught him.
He taught woodworking. I made a red car and a yellow duck that rolls on wheels.
Dale's sweet wife, Patty.
My friend Cathy's daughter, Holly, far left.
She gave me the ultimate compliment when she told me I should be on Oprah!
I said "Oh, do you think she would hire me?"
I see someone smiling! She must be having fun!
Lots of teamwork. That is what the workshop was all about.
I gave samples of my work, gave them the materials to do what I had done, but encouraged them to deviate from the norm, to get creative. There was a lot of creativity goin' on!
Connie, concentrating and working hard.
Barry told me that he had never worked so hard to be creative.
Look at how hard he is concentrating!
Proudly showing his work to Mary and looking a little happier, here.
Displaying his work for all to see.
The workshop was great. Lots of mixers - led by Barry and Tony. Dances, skits, a live game of Clue. Craziness abounds at Hoosier Recreational Workshop. It was a lot of fun. They kept us hoping from sun up to sun down and then some. And fed us, non-stop. A great group of people and I was proud to be a presenter and to share with them something that I am very excited and passionate about. I think everyone had fun and felt proud of the end results. It was a lot of fun for me to be at camp, to try my hand at some things that I don't normally do and to meet a lot of new people. Thanks to Cathy and Mike for asking me to teach.

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