Monday, April 20, 2009

My class at Hoosier Recreation Workshop

Camp Camby in beautiful Camby, Indiana.Members of my class get down to work.

Carlos was very creative.
I asked him if he were an artist and he told me that his brother was.
I told him it must run in the family.
He was doing things and I was saying "how did you do that?"
I love learning from my students!

Consternation. She said to do what?
You've got it, Dee! Very nice.
Dale first taught me, then I taught him.
He taught woodworking. I made a red car and a yellow duck that rolls on wheels.
Dale's sweet wife, Patty.
My friend Cathy's daughter, Holly, far left.
She gave me the ultimate compliment when she told me I should be on Oprah!
I said "Oh, do you think she would hire me?"
I see someone smiling! She must be having fun!
Lots of teamwork. That is what the workshop was all about.
I gave samples of my work, gave them the materials to do what I had done, but encouraged them to deviate from the norm, to get creative. There was a lot of creativity goin' on!
Connie, concentrating and working hard.
Barry told me that he had never worked so hard to be creative.
Look at how hard he is concentrating!
Proudly showing his work to Mary and looking a little happier, here.
Displaying his work for all to see.
The workshop was great. Lots of mixers - led by Barry and Tony. Dances, skits, a live game of Clue. Craziness abounds at Hoosier Recreational Workshop. It was a lot of fun. They kept us hoping from sun up to sun down and then some. And fed us, non-stop. A great group of people and I was proud to be a presenter and to share with them something that I am very excited and passionate about. I think everyone had fun and felt proud of the end results. It was a lot of fun for me to be at camp, to try my hand at some things that I don't normally do and to meet a lot of new people. Thanks to Cathy and Mike for asking me to teach.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

How cool! You must have had such a good time!

Doug Steury said...

Good job on the class, Cheryl!

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