Monday, May 31, 2010

Cedar Bluffs

One of our favorite hikes is to Cedar Bluffs. 
 It is almost in our back yard. 
We headed up there late this afternoon.  It isn't a long hike, but you can get up a hundred feet or so in a short distance.  The bluffs run along Clear Creek.  Chelsea loves to swim and fetch sticks in the water. 
The bluffs.  This is where the duggles brought me to hike the first time I came down to Bloomington to see him.  I think he was trying to see what I was made of. 
 It was fine.  I could handle it.   This was also the first place we ever brought Chelsea to hike.  She couldn't get up the bluffs and one of us had to climb so far up and then hand her up to the other.  I believe Doug ended up carrying her before we finished the hike that day. 
Doug heads up the trail.
Views from the edge of the bluffs.
We like to take a bottle of wine to enjoy.
One night we took a bottle of wine up, watched the sun set
 and then we only had one little flashlight.
  Lets just say it was an interesting hike downToday, we headed down before the sun set.
When we got up there, the storm clouds rolled in- but it didn't rain.
What do you think she wants to say?  Is she adorable or what? 
Chelsea, tuckered from her nap and swim. 

Friday, May 28, 2010

why I love the needle

First, I take off all of my clothes.
This is serious business.

Then I step on and step off to make certain that it is dead center.

I lean over and nudge the dial this way or that. 
Get back on and step off to see if it is where I want it to be.

Finally satisfied, I step on and very careful watch to see where it ends up. 
If it is to the right, I'm satisfied.  At times, elated.
If it is to the left, I'm disappointed.  Sometimes exasperated.

What in the world am I talking about?  The needle on the scales!  I was thinking about it this morning, how much I like the needle over digital.  With digital, it isn't subjective.  Oh, I suppose you could lean this way or that and cause it to fluctuate a bit.
I like it when the needle is "hovering" towards that next pound...just a little between one line and the next. 

Last night I went to a university event at a local winery.  For the first time ever, I visited the winery and didn't have an ounce of wine.  Insane!  They had a very healthy spread of fruit, veggies, cheese and chicken.  I ate, hurried home to change and hit the Y.  I did seven miles, six on the elliptical and one on the track.  In the process, I hit the highest reading I've had thus far on my pedometer. 
When the needle is heading in the right direction (that is the left)...I love it!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sunny Sunday

This past weekend was the first time we did not have rain for many weeks.  I have been desperate to work in the yard.  I worked in the yard for a few hours on Saturday and then on Sunday, I worked in the yard for the entire day.  It was probably eighty degrees or so.  I kept taking Popsicle breaks.  I would get a sugar-free Popsicle and as I sat and ate it, I would play fetch with Chelsea.  I also drank two large bottles of Gatorade and when I felt as if I was going to pass out, I went in the house to have some yogurt.
I had the highest reading yet on my pedometer!  Even higher than on Friday, when I worked all day, then went to the Y in the evening and did six miles on the elliptical. 
I was cleaning out an over-grown area in the back yard and I was on my feet all day.

This is the part of the yard that I "beautified."
This is where I cleared out all of the overgrowth.
This is most of what I cleaned out. 
One of the new hostas that I planted.
Where this hose is, just hours before,
there was a sticky bushes.
We've decided to tear all of the sticky bushes out. 
They are ugly, we don't like them- so "outta here!"
Cleaned all of this out.  Our Rose of Sharon was out of control. 
We may cut it all the way down.  Tore out the weeds and will plant here.

I think my favorite tool is my pruners.  Dug bought a big ol' set of pruner/trimmers that would probably cut my arm off if I wasn't careful.  I love them though.  As I've said before, in the yard, I am both judge and jury.  If I say it goes, it goes.  If I allow it to stay, it stays.  This is my third summer here and I am determined that this place will be a showplace when I get done with it.  It certainly has the potential.  There isn't tons of acreage, but there is a lot of land and lots of "hidey-holes" to be cleaned out.  I'm on a mission. 
*Please let me know if there are any problems with my new lay-out on your end.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Over the top?

Do you think it is too over the top to wear a pedometer on your nightgown?  I've written of how I like to "piddle" on Saturday mornings, and it is after noon and if I don't wear my pedometer on my nightgown, then I lose half of my steps for the day!
After menopause, I found it nearly impossible to lose weight.  The needle on the scales has steadily leaned to the right which has been very disconcerting.  About six and a half weeks ago, I started "no sugar, no flour," and I am happy to report that the needle on the scales is finally drifting to the left! 
Have you read April's Vogue magazine?  It has an article entitled "Coming Clean," which is about fasts and detox diets which is popular right now.  The writer of the article, Bronwyn Garrity writes about how overuse of laxatives, over time is damaging.  How do you get things moving?  Water- lots of water...fruits and vegetables.  I rarely eat red meat and haven't for about ten years.  One claim is that the brain fog will be lifted.  Garrity writes that recent studies have shown that just eating more whole fruits and veggies and eliminating junk food may trigger brain cell growth in a few months.  Is that encouraging news?  It is to me! 
Another article by Ginny Graves is about how mindful eating, moment by moment awareness of what you are eating may help one to lose weight.  We've always known that slower consumption is good...scarfing one's food down without giving any thought to what you are shoving in is never good. 
 The model Gisele is on the cover...she has had a baby, people!  She gained thirty pounds with him.  I gained thirty-three with my first.  I ran until I was six months with her, continued to walk, swim and attend exercise class after that.  My second?  I don't want to talk about that pregnancy.  
 It is a good issue and timely for what I'm experiencing right now. 

This is what they do to a cake at work...I had ONE bite and it tasted like perfume!

*I'm trying a new blogger layout and having issues with placing my photos.
** you ever write a post quickly and then think "what did I write?"  That is how I felt about this post...the duggles wanted to go somewhere, I was having photo layout issues...just felt rushed and frazzled...the whole time we were gone I kept thinking about my post!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

art therapy and more

Last night, I had to have some art therapy. You know the kind...when you sit down and all of the bad stuff just ooozes away? Plus, I made something for someone else and I always feel better when I do something for someone else and take my mind off of myself.

I didn't have a great day, yesterday. Most of my days are good. For the most part, my life is good. But yesterday, some yuckiness surfaced. It was dealt with and resolved, but painful. I always joke that my blog is "the life I wish I had." For the most part, I am realistic about my life- I just usually tend to leave the bad parts out. There are not a lot of bad parts in my life, but when life gets yucky, I tend to shut down. Maybe it is self-preservation- like a turtle pulling her head into her shell. I just tend to retreat and don't have a lot to say. If I am quiet, I usually don't feel well or something is wrong. My friend and colleague, Mary Jo, is moving to a different department at the university. I will miss her and made this for her going-away gift.
I made it last night and gave it to her, today. She likes birds.

I have been reading our book club selection, which was my choice, and I like the book a lot. It makes me think about a lot of different things. I am in the middle section where she is at the spiritual retreat place, (ashram) and the way she learns to seek God through prayer and meditation is interesting. I don't feel I've ever really meditated, although I have spent what I would consider a great time in prayer. Prayer isn't something I would want to lie about, but I believe I pray every day at some point or another during the day. If no other time, when I go to bed, before going to sleep. It helps me to relax. I've written about my faith in the past. I believe faith is a very personal part of my life. I don't like people to be in my face about things, or shove stuff down my throat. I know what I know. I don't really enjoy arguing politics or religion. And I don't like judgmental people who tell me I'm not this or that I'm that. There is only One who may judge me. Overall, at this point in my life, I feel as if I am fairly liberal, but I take comfort in my faith.
When I went to bed last night, I was still feeling sad and I cried as I prayed. I asked God to show his love to me and that I might feel his touch in a special way today.
When I first moved to Bloomington, I went to work at a law firm. I didn't really care for working at the law firm and was only there for three months before I got on at the university, but in that time, I made some good friendships. I call them "my law girls." They are both about the same age as my daughter. (Mid-late twenties.) We had not seen one another for while, so I emailed to see if they would like to go to lunch today and one of them said yes. I felt so much better after seeing her and talking with her. So, I felt as if my prayer had been answered.
Today was a good day. I was tired because I didn't sleep very well and didn't feel great, because my angst tends to affect me physiologically, too- but it was a good day. I will sleep better tonight.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The tooth of the matter is

The tooth of the matter is...I have great teeth. Not perfect, but close. Especially considering I sucked my thumb for twelve years. Yes, I said twelve years. My teeth are God's compensation for my being born into a family of heavy breasted women-women who carry their weight in their abdomen.
I didn't know until later, but on our first date, Doug thought I had false teeth. Finally, one day a while later, he gathered the courage to ask me..."what happened to your teeth?" I had no idea what he was talking about. "My teeth?" Doug squirmed and said "well, I don't know why you have dentures. Did you loose your teeth in an accident or something?" I died laughing. Ever so often I see a picture of myself where I could see why someone might think my teeth were dentures.
My mother grew up during the depression and by her own description, "has a filling in almost every tooth in her head." She was insane about making us brush our teeth. Everyone has always thought that I had braces, first of all because my teeth are pretty straight. Secondly, everyone thinks I wore braces at some point in my life because I brush my teeth after every meal. At one job I had, my co-workers said "have you seen Cheryl eat? She takes a bite and goes to brush her teeth...takes another bite, then brushes her teeth." I'm not quite that bad, but I do brush after every meal. I've always worked with the public and I hate bad breath in others and I do not want to have bad breath myself. Plus, I just want my teeth to feel clean and I don't want to have any cavities. I didn't have my first cavity until after I had my first child. Technically, I have four fillings and one is due to cracking a tooth. Take it from me, don't use your teeth as a tool when you can cut something with a knife or scissors.
I've had a tooth on the right side of my mouth that has bothered me for two to three years. I had a filling in it and if/when I bit down on something just right...or, in my case- just wrong, it hurt like crazy. So, for the most part, I would try to chew on the left side of my mouth. I know when we went to Hawaii, I was concerned about this tooth. It got to the point where I was putting ora-jel on it when it would hurt too much.
I found a new dentist who named his practice "Gentle Dentist." Because I am terrified of getting my teeth worked on, a gentle dentist sounded perfect to me. Terrified. Did I mention, terrified? Plus, it takes my security away- which is talking. If I can't talk for self-comfort, I'm totally disabled.
So, last night, I couldn't sleep. This morning, I woke with a terrible headache. The headache was probably a combination of lack of sleep and being stressed out.
I went in to work for a few hours and then my dental appointment was at 3 p.m. I told my dentist "I know no one sits in this chair and says 'I love this! Drill away!...but I really hate this." I told him how I had trouble sleeping. And then I patted his arm and said "But this is why I'm here with the gentle dentist."
The plan for today was to drill out the old filling (which was silver) and then to drill out a little more and then fill with resin. Hopefully, this will take care of my issues. First, he put a q-tip in my mouth with some numbing stuff, then he started asking me about my garden. I said "Just like a dentist, to put something in your mouth and then ask you a question." Then he told me he was going to "numb me up a bit." He did this massage thing with the fingers on one hand while he pushed the medicine in with the needle. Then after it numbed a bit, he put the rest of it in. I didn't feel it. I truly didn't feel any pain. Then he drilled. I couldn't wait for it to be over. What seemed like forever to me, but I'm certain was just a few minutes, it was over. Then, he had his assistant fill the tooth.
This woman's touch was amazing. I was also so relieved that the drilling part was over. But the way she took my head into her arms, was totally comforting. She was probably the age of my daughter, late twenties or early thirties. To me, her maternal skills seemed way beyond her years. She was in total control, totally skilled, totally calm. I felt safe and in turn, I relaxed.
I told her that she had an amazing touch and she thanked me.
The power of a woman's touch.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cinderella and me

The rain continued both all day Saturday and Sunday which left me indoors. I cleaned the house, somewhat obsessively. My philosophy has always been "to see the dirt, one must get on the dirt's level." If I were to have a tombstone, this might be a good place to credit me with this thought. (As it stands, I plan to be cremated, thus no where but this blog to credit me with my thoughts.)
We have a long entryway which turns right to my laundry area, where Chelsea kennels. I sweep the stone nearly every day, but rarely clean it. Today, I got down on the dirt's level, on my hands and knees and cleaned the tiles. Needless to say, it was an exhausting task. Would Cinderella do it better?
The air is so humid with continuous rain that it is taking a long time for the stone to dry. Even when aided by a fan. Some may think I'm crazy, but it will be a sad day when I can no longer get down on my knees to scrub a floor. As it is now, I place towels under my knees to cushion them.

Despite all of my cleaning, I've already seen two spiders- grand-daddy long legs, which are harmless enough, but how do they get inside the house?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Delicious Saturday

delicious breeze coming through this window
Saturday. My favorite day of the week. I love to sleep in and work forty hours a week at the university, so I never get to sleep in. Sleeping in is usually 9:30 or so. If that horrifies anyone, my first question is- what time does your alarm go off Monday through Friday? My second question is- how often do you get a nap? My third question is- how late do you usually stay up? My alarm goes off around six a.m. every day. If I get a nap, I grab one on my lunch hour. And, I stay up way too late on a regular basis. And, unlike a certain man that is usually sleeping every evening, I wait until I go to bed to go to sleep.
I love to go out to breakfast on Saturday mornings, but don't often. I like to go to farmer's market in the summer and like to purchase plants for the yard. Right now I have two different kinds of hostas to get in, some Siberian miniature iris, two kinds of Hawaiian lillys. My philosophy usually is to avoid buying more plants if I haven't gotten the plants I have in the ground. So this a.m., no farmer's market.
On Saturdays, I love to putz and piddle. I like to water my plants and remove dead stuff, add new dirt or cuttings that I've rooted. My whole life long I've trimmed plants and put them in water to grow roots, then I either give them away or use them to fill in bare spots in pots that I have.
Because summer is suddenly upon us, I've noticed a lot more bugs in the house (we live next to the woods.) I am deep-cleaning room by room. One evening this week after work I cleaned the guest room. I got up this morning and washed the bedspread and pillow sham for the guest room and hung them out on the line. Now, it is raining. (And, the duggles is out on his bicycle.) We have had rain every day this week. I love rain. Everything is really popping out and the yard needs some serious attention. It is nothing in the summer for me to work in the yard nearly every evening.
Today I am deep-cleaning the living room. If the rain continues and I can't get out into the yard, I may clean beyond the living room. In my earlier years, I was extremely picky about my house. I am still quite fastidious, but live with a corgi, two cats and a man, so I've had to let some things go. Usually, at this point in my life, I deep-clean whenever we have guests or I just can't stand it any longer. Our bedroom is the only room left with carpet and when you don't have carpet, the hair and dirt doesn't have anywhere to go, so I do sweep frequently. I have to or I'll get lost in a cloud of pet hair. I like my house to smell clean. That too is difficult with four animals in the house.
I would like to get out on the trail with Chelsea today and or tomorrow. In a recent post, Sandie asked us if we could walk a quarter mile in five minutes. I went to the Y for the first time in quite some time on Thursday night. I misunderstood what Sandie said and I was thinking she asked if we could walk a half a mile in five minutes. (Which is a bit more of a jog.) Her point was that according to Dr. Oz, if you can walk a quarter of a mile in five minutes (a twenty minute mile) you have a greater chance of living the next six years than someone who can't. It is all related to how healthy you are, if you are overweight, fun factors like that. I was on the elliptical, which I enjoy because it doesn't hurt. Normally, I kick butt on the elliptical. Because I've been dieting- doing "no sugar, no flour" for five weeks now, I'm not as strong as I normally am. I have lost weight, but have lost some strength. I did my first half mile in seven minutes and finished that mile in seventeen minutes and then killed myself to finish the second mile in under thirty. For me, this was slow. According to Sandie's post though, the good news is I will probably be around in the next six years. I still have some work to do though.
Are you a list maker? I am forever making lists. Usually, literally writing them down. Always have lists running through my head though.
My list for today: (in no special order)
1. Clean house
2. Make myself a super healthy smoothie
3. Finish laundry
4. Get clothes ironed for the week- yes, I iron and I do it ahead of time- not just before I put it on.
5. Work in the yard if possible- get new plants in the ground. Weed. Prune. Rake.
6. Walk the trail with Chelsea.
7. Make time for art
8. Read the book club selection- which was my choice and I haven't finished.
9. PAINT the cabinet doors and drawer fronts for KITCHEN. I still haven't done this!
10. get out screens for this window, put them in
11. take a nap

What is on your list for this delicious Saturday?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Mother's Day

My Mother's Day began with opening a hoops & yoyo card that my daughter sent from her home on the east coast. It was hoops and yoyo yelling various forms of Mother, Ma, truly sounded like my two yelling for me. I loved it. My daughter sent a book from my Amazon wish list and another I had wished for...
Terry Taylor's Artful Storybook
and Henry Cole's A Nest for Celeste
The Artful Storybook is chock-full of inspiration and A Nest for Celeste is chock-full of illustrations, had deckle edged pages and is a very comfortable size to hold in your hands. A perfect rainy day book. I hope someday to get to read it to my grandchildren.
In the meantime, I will have to read it to me.
I wanted to linger over my books, but had to hit the road to head for my hometown. My brother knew I was coming and my niece saw it on facebook and told my sister. I was running just a little late and sent my brother a text asking him to save me a place in church, without being too obvious. I spied my family in their usual place and snuck in. My brother was on the outside of the pew. My dad was second. They both let me slip in beside my mother. She had her eyes closed in prayer and worship. My sister was on the far side of mother. I sat down beside my mother and kissed her on the cheek. She screamed in church! I think I surprised her. We all went to lunch after church and then back to the house.
my brother, myself, mother and my sister
Afterward, I went to visit a friend in town. I had not been to her house for a year. I got to see her six month old granddaughter and play with her. It was so nice to sit in the floor of her living room and visit. Then, I went out to visit more friends at their lake house. Finally, it was time to head back south. My mother did not think I was going to visit because of the big, big day we had the day before when my son graduated from the university. I was tired, but it was a good day.
A very good Mother's Day.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bradley's Mom

the gold locket I'm wearing is one that Bradley bought for me
when he was in grade school at the Secret Santa shoppe.
I've worn it off and on for years and it has held up well.
My youngest, Bradley, graduated from Indiana University this past Saturday. He graduated with a double major in History and Political Science and a double minor in Gender Studies and Hispanic Studies. We first attended a brunch and departmental graduation with Political Studies. You were supposed to write your name and relationship to the graduate on your nametag. I figured "Bradley's Mom" said enough.

At Political Science graduation
I bet I could find a similar photo from grade school...
aw. Bradley's Indiana University main ceremony
Bradley was on the same side as I was seated,
but I got to see him process in.
we are proud and happy
I like this pic of him
With congratulations from the restaurant

long day comes to an end

Doug and I first went to Bradley's departmental brunch followed by an informal ceremony. That started at 9 a.m. That finished around 11:30 or 12:00. Doug hurried home to nap. I should have, but was too keyed up. Then, we left to return to the main ceremony at 2 p.m., which started at 3 p.m., then afterward, we took photos and Bradley had to return his robe. We waited at his apartment, then Bradley's Dad and step-mother, Doug and I all shared a champagne toast for Bradley. Doug and I ran back south to the farm to feed the animals, take Chelsea out and change to go to dinner in Indianapolis.
We left a little after 7 p.m., for Indianapolis to meet everyone else for dinner.
It was a long happy day.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tell 'em I sent ya!

Alice card
Everybody go see Al. He was my first ever give-away winner...I took a photo of the ATC before I sent it to him...but didn't photograph the card and he has documented it so well for me! Tell 'em I sent ya!

My son graduated today...well, technically, yesterday. It is so late that it is tomorrow. I need to get to bed because tomorrow is another big day. A lot of love. I'll have lots to share.

Friday, May 7, 2010


This has been a hectic week. Tomorrow is commencement at the university. I have been taking phone calls this week to assist people with special needs seating. Coordinating parking and seating for those who are either in a wheelchair or who have limited mobility. My phone rang off the hook. I assisted over three hundred people and spoke with many more. Normally, I work commencement. My son is graduating tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will be Mom.
I just took Chelsea out for her last potty. It is very cool this evening. I have on these Capri pant p.j.'s with a tank top. It was chilly. There is a part of me that loves having a dog and taking it out...the quiet you experience, the mystical magic. It is calming and peaceful. Like getting up with a baby that just wants to be held. You are caring, but also finding comfort in being needed, but not so much that it is demanding. Just a connection. I take Chelsea outdoors and look up at the sky and feel the breeze, see what is blooming, noting the current weather.
I have been exhausted because of the non-stop calls at work, but when I got home after five, I would change and work in the yard until I forced to stop. In the yard, I am both judge and jury. I decide what stays, what lives, what goes and what is ripped out by the roots. I've been edging the walkway in the back yard and pulling out weeds, raking up twigs and leaves and getting the yard in shape. No matter how many hours I'm out there- that sort of work doesn't bother me. I'm physically tired, but mentally energized when I'm outdoors.
I'm feeling a little emotional about my son's graduation. He is my youngest. I moved to the same town that he goes to school almost three years ago. It has been nice being able to meet him for meals and getting together for talks. I know as of the end of July, he will be moving out of state. Both of my children are intelligent and independent. That is what you strive for as a parent, for them to be autonomous. I will miss him, though.
And that stupid song..."Pomp and Circumstance..." it always makes me cry.
I'm wearing the dress that I wore to Doug's son's wedding in Hawaii. It is a sleeveless linen dress with a matching cardigan. I have new sandals and I've just polished my toenails. I'm ready.
At least on the outside.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How do you cinco?

I jus' loves me some cinco de mayo...mostly, because it is a good excuse to drink me some margaritas. Like I need an excuse to drink a marg...I've had cinco parties, I've done the go to the bar and get a cinco t-shirt thing...last year Doug & I met our friends here in town at La Cha - our favorite Mexican restaurant. We could not get in to the restaurant, and we probably waited fifteen to twenty minutes just to get a margarita, which we drank on the veranda.
Which was fine. I'm just sayin.' Cinco de Mayo, 2010

This year, Doug and I decided to do cinco on the D.L. and stay home. Doug went to the grocery and bought a rotisserie chicken, lettuce, refried beans, sour creme, tomatoes, blue chips, cheese and a bottle of pre-mixed margaritas, which cost the same as two margaritas in a restaurant.
I bought the tablecloth and napkins in an antique mall. Aren't they perfect?
homemade chicken soft taco

My son called to see if I wanted to take him to dinner. I told him of our plans and invited him to join us. He was horrified to hear that we were going to drink "pre-made" margaritas. Oh well. It happens.
How do you cinco?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Who's dat in der linen closet?

When my son took a little road trip recently, we sat for his animals. We already have Chelsea the Corgi, my indoor kitty, Milo and Doug's indoor/outdoor kitty, Tree. With the addition of the two grand-cats, that made three indoor cats, an indoor/outdoor cat and one dog. It was a little crowded. A little more crowded than usual. I went to the linen closet to get a towel and got a surprise.
Milo was up on a shelf that is almost eye-level for me. So, he was a few feet up off the ground. I don't know if he just jumped up there or what. I've never seen him on that shelf before- or since. I think he was just trying to find some peace and quiet.

My kittrs-cat, Milo, in the linen closet..."waddah ya want?"

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Really too old to party like we do!

On Friday, I worked for an hour and a half, then headed back towards my old hometown to see my favorite hairdresser in the world. I've kinda been a redhead for awhile...I LOVE red hair...but decided to go back to what is closer to my natural coffee color. I do have some red in my hair, naturally. I also at this point in my life have some silver in my hair naturally, which I despise. Doug didn't know I was going to go get my hair done, so I surprised with new do
I have had some kind of allergy/cold something and woke on Friday at 5 a.m. because I couldn't breath. I didn't feel too great all day Friday, but on Friday night, some professors from the university that teach classes like the history of rock and roll were performing at a local establishment. Doug and I went and it was one of the best shows we've seen in a very long time. The first set was The Dark Side of the Moon. The second set was a mixture of good ol' oldies...Dylan, the Beatles and they brought the house down in the end with "We Don't Get Fooled Again!" This overweight, older lady was literally jumping and singing. My son had taken a class last semester with one of the profs and I tried to get my son to join us, but in the end, it was probably good that he didn't, because I probably would have just embarrassed him. It was a lot of fun. Doug and I stayed until they closed and I got to bed at 3:30 a.m. Ugh.
my friend Jennifer (Jenny Sue) and me at the show one of the guys in the band took this and put it on facebook
that is me in the pink, waving, and Doug to the left of me
two old farts, front and center, lost in a sea of college students
Doug's birthday was at midnight, so Jennifer and I made a big deal of yelling Happy Birthday. The next morning, I took Doug to the Runcible Spoon, for breakfast. Doug's friends Dan and Haley joined us to share a pitcher of mimosas. taken from the nearby parking garage
Runcible Spoon
Doug, contemplating life at 55 my beautiful and delicious yogurt, granola and fruit bowl mocha latte on a rainy Saturday morning...yum!
Doug's breakfast, 2 eggs over easy, toast and home fries
Doug, about to blow. His friend Dan to his right.

Doug's friends, Dan and Haley, joined us for mimosas. Doug and Dan have been friends since they were freshmen in college. That is a lot of years. They have a lot of stories.
After we ate, Doug and I drove the car to the top of the parking garage to look out over the city. It was very overcast and stormy.
I like this pic of Doug at the top
with the storm brewing in the background.

After breakfast, we went home and both of us napped for about three hours. Then, Doug's youngest son wanted us to go to a comedy show with him for his Dad's birthday. Doug and I went with his son and his son's girlfriend to Bear's for dinner and show. On Saturday night, we only stayed up until 1 a.m. We really are too old to party like we do!
Doug (hiding the glare of his forehead) and his youngest son.
All of the men in Doug's family have beautiful eyes.

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