Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cinderella and me

The rain continued both all day Saturday and Sunday which left me indoors. I cleaned the house, somewhat obsessively. My philosophy has always been "to see the dirt, one must get on the dirt's level." If I were to have a tombstone, this might be a good place to credit me with this thought. (As it stands, I plan to be cremated, thus no where but this blog to credit me with my thoughts.)
We have a long entryway which turns right to my laundry area, where Chelsea kennels. I sweep the stone nearly every day, but rarely clean it. Today, I got down on the dirt's level, on my hands and knees and cleaned the tiles. Needless to say, it was an exhausting task. Would Cinderella do it better?
The air is so humid with continuous rain that it is taking a long time for the stone to dry. Even when aided by a fan. Some may think I'm crazy, but it will be a sad day when I can no longer get down on my knees to scrub a floor. As it is now, I place towels under my knees to cushion them.

Despite all of my cleaning, I've already seen two spiders- grand-daddy long legs, which are harmless enough, but how do they get inside the house?


Angela said...

Rain, rain, go away! We too are getting lots of rain here lately. It wouldn't be Spring if we didn't though! lol

You did a fantastic job cleaning your floor! Can I suggest something a little easier to help you to clean your floor? Hoover Floormate! The best thing that ever happened to my floors!

Hope you have a Great Week!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Beautiful flooring and so clean too~
The days for me to be on my knees are over. And, it's SO unhandy!
Both knees have been bone on bone for four years now, I'm long overdue for two knee jobs, but am resisting.
You've had a very busy, constructive weekend, lots done!
I worked outside all day today, and am thankful to be nearly done out there. One can never mulch too much....
The roses are budded all around the yard...seems weeks early!
Would love to yank up all our carpet and replace with flooring like you guys have. We have it in the kitchen....but one day...
Can't help but think the feeling of living cleaner would be more so with the carpeting gone. You know stuff lives and breeds in there!
Good Lord, we're birds of a feather. I like fanatical....fanatical is good!

^..^Corgidogmama said...


Lisa said...

Yup. I think you are crazy. But oh my, how I envy your clean house.

Maybe someday, once the kiddos are out....

Eh, probably not even then. :)

i'm no miss said...

Those are squeaky clean! I'll keep that motto in mind =)

I'm quite an OC too when it comes to dirt hehe

John Gray said...

thanks for your comments on my blog!
no matter how small...there's no place like home dorothy!

Kelly said...

Sometimes you just need to get on your knees to clean it right! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh so clean and fresh!
Where are you? I miss you!

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh - I want floors that clean so bad - but alas - no getting on the floor with my knees - I need a knee repalcement too. But everything from the waist up - CLEAN!

Good job,

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Cheryl, You're killing me . . no way would I get on my floor to clean it . . got to be the mop, that's the only way. I couldn't get up, it would be almost comical. Like that tile, I used to have that color in my other house. Happy Monday kiddo! Sandy:O)

Cheryl said...

My husband never understood the whole hands and knees thing. We've got every long-handled implement ever made and not one of them cleans worth a damn. You done good.

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