Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy Birthday to my son, my son, my son!

This is me, with my newborn baby boy, twenty-five years ago.  This was our going home outfits.  At this point in my life- this is the most I had ever weighed.  Why can a woman look at a photo and tell you if her weight was up or down?  I can tell you what I weighed in high school, on my wedding day, in 1982 when I had my daughter, 1987 when I had my son and 1989 when I got divorced.
A couple of years ago, I weighed the most I had ever weighed. And I went to Hawaii weighing the most I ever weighed.  I look back at those photos, now and think "why didn't I lose weight before that trip?"  But you know what?  I had a smile on my face in every photo! 
Now, I weigh about twenty pounds less than I did in the photo, above. 
I digress.
Twenty five years ago my son was born.  He was only twenty-two months old when I got divorced.  He has always been protective of me.  He was influenced in a mighty way by his older sister and myself.  He has never been a man's man, which in my mind isn't a bad thing.  He was always hanging with the girls and friends with all of them.  He now says he and I are friends.  This makes me happy.
When he was a little boy, he dove into life.  It didn't matter if he could swim- he would jump into the swimming pool.  The first time he saw the ocean at fifteen months, he toddled out to the water's edge and applauded.  He was joyous. 
He was my teddy bear.  He would come and get in bed with me at night and I wouldn't even know he was there.  But he was a cuddler. 
Two years ago he graduated from college, saved his money and moved to North Carolina.  He wanted to get a job as a teller to get his foot in the door.  It was a tough time for him.  He might have gotten another job, but he held out for a teller position.  And, got a teller position.  Since then, he has received a promotion.  He has a new apartment that I haven't seen.  He works at a new branch that I haven't seen.  A mama has to be able to picture her child where they live and work.  This mama has to. 
So at 3:30 a.m. we will get up and go to the airport. I will arrive in the Triangle  at 10:30 a.m. and take my son to lunch to celebrate his birthday.  Then tomorrow evening we will all go to his girlfriend's parent's house for dinner.  Thanks to social media, I feel as if I know her parents.  We are facebook friends and email.  My son says her mother and I are "two peas in a pod." I can't wait for my cyber friends to be real friends.
My son is a good man.  A straight-shooter.  He has a kind, caring heart and a great sense of humor.  He is intelligent and responsible.  His financial wizardry is natural.  (He gets that from his Dad.  I have a degree in English- that side of my brain doesn't work.)
The days will sift through our fingers like grains of sand. 
Happy Birthday, my son, my son, my son!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What She Wore premiere

I posted the abbreviated version of What She Wore on facebook, yesterday.
I am a Grandma. 
One of my gal friends keeps carrying on about my carrying on about my being a Grandma. 
She said "so, your daughter has a kid." 
Um, last time I checked, that made me a Grandma.
I'm in my early fifties.
I just bought a new bicycle this summer.
I've been doing kickboxing for the past few months.
It helps my balance and strengthens my core.
I am the oldest person in the class and often, the heaviest. 
That doesn't discourage me.  In fact, sometimes it causes me to work harder.
I walk fast.
I work hard.
I try to stay in shape.
I lost fifteen pounds before I went to Paris
and I've lost five since and managed to keep that off.
I try.
I still need to lose more.
But, I feel pretty good.
I think for my age, I do o.k.
It could be worse.
I love this blog.
She inspired me to cut my hair short this summer. 
I read this magazine.
It gives me age appropriate fashion tips and tips on how to have great looking skin and be successful.

Recently Doug bought this skirt and sweater for me.
It is from The Gift of G.A.B. in Goshen, IN.
I found this fantastic necklace and earrings when I went home for my class reunion.
From Edward's Jewelers in New Castle, IN.

I've been with Doug for more than seven years and he has never bought me an outfit, before.  His sister in law owns the Gift of G.A.B.  He picked out the skirt and she helped him find something to go with it.
I asked him if he is having an affair.
He said "what? because I'm being nice?"
"It happens." I answered.

So here I am with the premiere of What She Wore.
I'll see what else I can come up with.
In the mean time- go out there and get 'em.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The last walk is the best walk

If you walk a dog, you are more in touch with nature than most.
I'm not talking about opening a door and letting your dog out-
I'm talking about getting out there with your dog- walking him or her.
Because no matter what is going on out there, you are going to be in it.
It has been blistering hot and dry this summer. 
I've always loved the last walk of the day, but this summer it is even sweeter.
A few degrees cooler is a relief at the end of the day.
On the last walk, the stars are starting to shine through.
The crickets join the cicadas to sing a lullaby.
I've been a single pet parent this week. 
Doug left last Saturday to visit his family. 
He will return tomorrow evening.
If I was a smart gal, I would just keep all of the pet duties because when you are fetching water for twenty-three chickens and two cats and a dog, you don't have time to be even a little overweight. 
But I am looking forward to his return.
I had a meeting and a hair appointment tonight after work so I drove in from the university on my lunch hour and back just so Chelsea could go potty.
'Cause a girl has to go potty.
Doug works very near to our house so it isn't quite the effort for him to run by and walk her as it is from where I work.
I can still hear the crickets and cicadas singing and this grandma is about to nod off.
All this runnin and walkin and waterin and feedin and collectin of eggs has done wore me out.
Night, John Boy.

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