Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What She Wore premiere

I posted the abbreviated version of What She Wore on facebook, yesterday.
I am a Grandma. 
One of my gal friends keeps carrying on about my carrying on about my being a Grandma. 
She said "so, your daughter has a kid." 
Um, last time I checked, that made me a Grandma.
I'm in my early fifties.
I just bought a new bicycle this summer.
I've been doing kickboxing for the past few months.
It helps my balance and strengthens my core.
I am the oldest person in the class and often, the heaviest. 
That doesn't discourage me.  In fact, sometimes it causes me to work harder.
I walk fast.
I work hard.
I try to stay in shape.
I lost fifteen pounds before I went to Paris
and I've lost five since and managed to keep that off.
I try.
I still need to lose more.
But, I feel pretty good.
I think for my age, I do o.k.
It could be worse.
I love this blog.
She inspired me to cut my hair short this summer. 
I read this magazine.
It gives me age appropriate fashion tips and tips on how to have great looking skin and be successful.

Recently Doug bought this skirt and sweater for me.
It is from The Gift of G.A.B. in Goshen, IN.
I found this fantastic necklace and earrings when I went home for my class reunion.
From Edward's Jewelers in New Castle, IN.

I've been with Doug for more than seven years and he has never bought me an outfit, before.  His sister in law owns the Gift of G.A.B.  He picked out the skirt and she helped him find something to go with it.
I asked him if he is having an affair.
He said "what? because I'm being nice?"
"It happens." I answered.

So here I am with the premiere of What She Wore.
I'll see what else I can come up with.
In the mean time- go out there and get 'em.


From the Kitchen said...

You are looking good! I've been married over 30 years and my husband has never purchased me any clothing. He's done pretty well in the jewelry department. And, I can't wait to be a grandmother!!


Kris said...

You go girlfriend!!! You are looking awesome! Love the skirt and jacket! Love the jewelry! Love that Doug bought it for you!!!
I have a board on Pinterest called Grannies can look cute too!
We can be the best we can be....and love being Grandma's too.


If my hubby bought me clothes, I'd probably drop dead from the shock. LOL You LOOK fabulous. The hair is lovely and the outfit is GORGEOUS. LOVE those colors. Sounds like a cool store. GRANDMA's ROCK. Take care.

Holly said...

You are just adorable! Love that short curly hair on you. Keep up the good work, my friend!

ain't for city gals said...

Color, color and more color! We all need more of it! I too look in the mirror and sometimes say "Not too bad"! ha! I read a pretty good book the other day Wild..from lost to found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed. What a name huh?..Anyway, pretty good..about hiking by herself back in the day..xo p.s...I got my hair cut really short the other in guy it!!

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Cheryl, How sweet of Doug . . love the colors on you xo

Donna said...

Did the sis-in-law select the outfit or did Doug? Either way, I'm hiring that person as my personal stylist.

Hope said...

Good job Cheryl!!! Wow Jeff would never know what to buy me....although it wouldn't be too t....or....grey t....or work out clothes!!!!

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

Great Look Cheryl and yup being a grandma makes it all the more special! I/m still waiting to have that chance!

Chicken Wrangler said...

Great look, girl! My hubbs picks out most of my clothes - he has better taste for clothing than I do, and I've learned to trust his choices. I think I'm pretty lucky - and so are you, seeing what he picked out for you!

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