Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The last walk is the best walk

If you walk a dog, you are more in touch with nature than most.
I'm not talking about opening a door and letting your dog out-
I'm talking about getting out there with your dog- walking him or her.
Because no matter what is going on out there, you are going to be in it.
It has been blistering hot and dry this summer. 
I've always loved the last walk of the day, but this summer it is even sweeter.
A few degrees cooler is a relief at the end of the day.
On the last walk, the stars are starting to shine through.
The crickets join the cicadas to sing a lullaby.
I've been a single pet parent this week. 
Doug left last Saturday to visit his family. 
He will return tomorrow evening.
If I was a smart gal, I would just keep all of the pet duties because when you are fetching water for twenty-three chickens and two cats and a dog, you don't have time to be even a little overweight. 
But I am looking forward to his return.
I had a meeting and a hair appointment tonight after work so I drove in from the university on my lunch hour and back just so Chelsea could go potty.
'Cause a girl has to go potty.
Doug works very near to our house so it isn't quite the effort for him to run by and walk her as it is from where I work.
I can still hear the crickets and cicadas singing and this grandma is about to nod off.
All this runnin and walkin and waterin and feedin and collectin of eggs has done wore me out.
Night, John Boy.



Glad Chelsea got to go, even though it was a bit of a trek for you to come back and let her out. Otherwise you would have had a mess to clean up. LOL I love the sounds of the night. MUSIC to my ears. GET some rest. I know you'll be tickled to have your honey home. Mine has traveled quite a bit and some chores are best when shared.

Kris said...

Phew...I am all tuckered out too now, with hearing about all of your running around!
Having pets is a lot work! Yea for having someone to share the duties with!
Night MaryEllen!
XO kris

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Ok Grandma . . . our we getting old or what? I just don't have as much energy as I used too. Blessings, Sandy xo

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

Hehe I love the John Boy touch at the end. Farming lifestyle in suburban area is quite the challenge.

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