Monday, July 30, 2012

Too hot

Nine laying hens, eight eggs today.  I think they were relieved that it only hit ninety-three today and not one hundred and three.  All told, we now have twenty-three chickens.  Two roosters.  Nine that lay, now.  The rest are too young.   We sell our eggs for three dollars a dozen.  That is what I always paid my friend- until she convince me to start keeping my own chickens. 
Some people complain about three dollars a dozen saying "I can get them for a dollar a dozen at WalMart!"  I tell them to go to WalMart- that these are farm fresh eggs and worth every bit of three dollars a dozen. 
When it is terribly hot, such as over one hundred degrees, we've only been getting four to six eggs from the nine hens.  All twenty-three drink close to two gallons of water a day.  In the summer our cats are outdoors almost exclusively and we've been careful to leave water out front and out back.  Our Corgi is indoors and she gets fresh water daily.  All of our stock gets fresh water daily and we make certain their bowls are clean.
I've got one naked lady out front and it isn't me.  Normally, I have a row of them and this year there is one and I'm surprised we got that one.
It has just been too hot.  Too hot to lay eggs.  Too hot for the flowers.  I've been watering to keep Hostas alive.  Normally, Hostas thrive, no matter what.
Too hot and no rain.  Someone I know told me last weekend that they are leaving water out for the deer.  Creeks beds that never dry up are dry. 
I've heard a rumor that this is going to continue until October. 
Sometimes people will lose chickens just due to the heat.  We lost one last summer.  We have a lot of young ones, and there is our old flock, too.  So far, so good.
If you have animals, wild or domestic, please give them fresh water.   It is just too hot.


Tami said...

Hi! I'm visiting from Taryterre's blog.
I love animals and wish I could have more than my dogs, cats, fish and turtle. My husband would have a coronary if I came home with one more animal. It's true about giving them lots of water! I even have to add water to the fish pond in this heat!


Hope your chickens survive the heat. Keep those water bowls filled. On my Scooter Lady Rides Again Blog I posted a cute commentary on the weather with a picture. It'll make you smile. take care.

MamaMonki said...

I hope you guys get some rain down your way soon. They finally lifted the burn ban here and we haven't had to water our garden nearly as much. I hope you guys get some relief too.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Cheryl, Definitely keep your animals hydrated. Stay cool if you can. Blessings, Sandy

Kris said...

Hi friend! I saw your pics on fb! So cute you are!!
My chickens are not laying as much as they usually do either. Some days, I will only get a couple or three. I am very careful with all of the animals in this heat! Sometimes, I will set a mister up for the chickens. We are hot, but not as bad as usual. It is coming though!!!
Stay cool!!
XO Kris

Karen said...

Sage advice!... and now I have to google Naked Ladies... but oh, what will I

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

IT IS TOO HOT! Your girls are doing good....I have 9 layers and I'm lucky to get three eggs a day! For real. Glenco is thinking that they need to be replaced (they are three years old) and it costs a lot to feed those chickens with no return. I don't have the heart to boot them out. I'm trying not to wish life away...but can't you just see the fall colors and the pumpkins ripening on the vine?

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

The farm up the street from me gets $7.00 a dozen for his organic eggs. He runs out everyday. Isn't that outrageous.

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

When you write like this about your chickens I envision a farm like setting. What do you do with all the eggs?

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