Saturday, July 21, 2012

Riding the B-line trail

When I last posted about buying my bike, Jan from Colorado asked me to join her in a ride.  So, I thought I would take all of you along on a ride with me.  Last Sunday I went out for my second ride on my new bike- my second time to ride the B-line trail. I parked at the farmer's market parking lot and headed South.
I paused to take a photo of the property below.  It inspires me.  It is clean and tidy.  The first time I rode the trail, a gal was watering her flowers.  We are in the midst of a drought.  Her flowers are beautiful  There are boxes with plants in the fence on the right.  I don't know if this place is a business or a residence.  I plan to keep my eye on it. 
This is the bridge that goes up over the road.  You can ride up and over or wait and cross the road.  It is a challenge for me to go up and over.  But a good challenge.
Along the way there are informational signs giving the history of the area.
Way south on the trail.  Sunny and open.  Hot.
From the top of the bridge.  The first time I went down it only when I reached the bottom did I learn that I was holding my breath.  I haven't ridden a bike for about five or six years.  I'm like a little baby learning to walk.  And afraid that I am going to fall (wreck) the whole time.  Loved it when I was talking to my son about riding and he told me to wear my helmet.  
heading back into town

Bicycle wheel artwork
antique mall along the trail

more artwork and a brain along the trail
artwork at La Petite Cafe
French expression at La Petite

Johnson Creamery information
The Johnson Creamery
what is going on in town?
Heading north
an owl in a tree
do you see the Sample gates?
Love this tree-lined section

Historic information on the Showers Building
The Showers Building
Historic information on the train depot
the depot

 Farmer's Market area
Street markings
Quelle heure est-il?  Tables along the trail near the farmer's market area.
Hope you enjoyed going along for the ride...for more information- here.
The B-line is 3.1 miles each way for a total of 6.2 miles.  I rode it last Friday and last Sunday.  On Thursday night I went out to ride the Clear Creek trail which is 2.5 miles each way for a total of five miles.  I was nearly to the turn-around point when the sky open up.  It ha been so dry.  Each and every time we get any rain at all we are over-joyed.  It wasn't cold so I went on out to the turn-around point and finished my ride in the pouring rain.  It was refreshing and kind of fun!



Looks like a wonderful ride. great scenery and sites along the way. Thanks for taking me along. I enjoyed it. Take care.

Kris said...

Thanks for taking us along on your bike ride with you! I would have had to stop and go visit that antique mall!! I love the pic of you in previous post with full gear. Happy riding!!!!
How are the chickens doing?
XO Kris

KleinsteMotte said...

All very interesting but I have one question. Where are all the people? It all looks so deserted. So much has gone into it's creation yet so few are using it it seems.

Privet and Holly said...

LOVE that you are
a cyclist, too! I have
been back on a bike
for about four years
and it makes me feel
young and free and....
wonderful when I am
on it. I also think it
helps to slow things
down and help me to
notice all the small and
lovely things that I would
not see or experience
from a car window.

Have fun; you look
adorable on your bike!

xo Suzanne

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