Saturday, February 28, 2009

twenty dollars later...

Today, the Comcast man arrived to install our Internet (I know, once again, welcome to the twenty-first century) and Chelsea started to bark. I don't know why I didn't put her into her kennel, but instead, I put her into our bedroom and shut the door.
After a while, I realized she was "digging up the carpet" on the other side of the door. We are going to get rid of that carpet eventually, anyway. But when Doug went to retrieve said dog, (bad dog) he said "bad news." In his hand he carried a chewed-up DVD which formerly belonged to netflix and which, twenty dollars later, now belongs to me.
Right now, she is chewing on her kong, which has a treat inside of it. Which I think is hilarious to call her "bong."

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mama has done gone and got herself some new wheels!

All right, Bob, show us what is behind door number it a new car? No, but it is the next best thing...maybe even better than a new car...a laptop!

I've never had a laptop. Everyone in my life (Duggles, my daughter, my son, my parents) gave me cash for Christmas in order to purchase said laptop.

It was a tough decision for me. A major decision. A big decision. It is a Dell Inspiron 1525 in Ruby Red. The finish on the cover is called "microsatin," and it does indeed feel like satin.

My son, the greatest son in the world, my favorite son, o.k., my only son, Bradley - has been an amazing help to his Mama. First, he helped me to "build it." He was great about telling me what I did and didn't need. Then, he sat with me for hours the other night at his apartment, helping to get it all set up. He is the greatest! I tried to tell him, he could make some bucks, helping others who are just as inept at such things. Thanks, Bradley!

Having my own laptop will open up an entire new world to me. Yup, that will be me, sitting there in the coffee shop, sipping my latte as I post. I can't wait! Welcome to the twenty-first century.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This is Milo. He is very good at relaxation. He is also very good at finding a patch of sunshine to lay in. He loves my new stool. Milo is approximately ten years old. He gets along great with Doug's cat, Tree. Milo isn't too thrilled about Chelsea coming to live at our house. Chelsea has a little too much enthusiasm and youthful exuberance for Milo.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


More snow this morning. Drat that groundhog! Just before leaving for work this morning, I went into the living room to turn the heat down and had one of those "get the camera! get the camera!" moments. Milo on the left, Tree on the right. Just as I snapped the photo, Milo hopped down.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend at West Baden (or how I took my beloved away and found a new love)

We started out the weekend on Friday afternoon by stopping for lunch in Paoli at this restaurant on the square. Any time we head south we try to time it so we can eat a meal there.
And, to drink a margarita. (I wasn't driving.)
In December, I received a coupon for "buy one, get one night" for one of the two hotels at French Lick. I chose West Baden because I had never stayed there. Duggles didn't know where we were going. For years they have called it "The Carlsbad of America."
Beautiful interior of the dome... Nothing like roses to say welcome on Valentine's weekend...
This guy was comfy while he was chattin' it up. I love to spy on people through my lens.
The dome by night. It gradually changes colors.
Our room.I loved this unique lamp with the clock in it. It kept perfect time. I've never seen anything like it before. Wouldn't it be fun to own one? Two huge windows with lovely gauze shades. Plenty of lady bugs to keep us company. I don't know if that means spring isn't far away or if it is just part of the experience of staying in a hotel in southern Indiana. Duggles bought a lady bug jibbitz charm to wear in one of my crocs to remember them by. Little frig beneath.
Vanity. It was lovely, but too dark to see. Even with the light-up make-up mirror. Everyone needs a phone in the bathroom. I suppose it might come in handy if you want to order a pizza or if you fall and can't get up...

Colorful live flowers. On Saturday afternoon, Duggles and I played backgammon, enjoyed a bottle of wine and had a little picnic of bread and cheese in the atrium.
While this young lady played soothing harp music for us.

I thought this was lovely. It hung over the stairs on the way to the pool.
On Saturday morning, we swam and enjoyed the hot tub. Whenever I go swimming I think "why don't I do this more often?"

At the spa.

Intriguing light fixtures everywhere.

Old trains on the grounds. One account found here regarding Pluto Water.

Before heading home on Sunday afternoon, we drove around the countryside exploring. We had a very tasty pulled pork barbecue sandwich at this place near Patoka Lake. For those of you who haven't enjoyed food from a road side gas station/convenience store...don't knock it till you try it!
My new love. This amazing shower head. Ahhhhhh.... I also never slept on a more comfortable mattress, either. I actually pulled back all of the blankets to see what kind of mattress it was. The hotel was spotless. Except for the lady bugs. Aren't they supposed to be good luck?
Bill Cook donated over four hundred million to restore West Baden and it is on the register of national historic places. Thanks, Bill. It is absolutely lovely.

Friday, February 13, 2009

blogger angst

I'm still learning. I began a post "My Farm Kitchen" on 2/4 thinking that I could post it when I finished it...but it wants to stay on 2/4. so, you'll have to scroll down to read. I still have posting issues- blank space, etc. Also, photo issues. Why are some of my shots rosy? I'm certain it is a lighting issue.

Happy Valentine's day! Now, go read my kitchen post.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Egg Pods

Last weekend, Kathy was in town for a visit and wewere explored downtown Bloomington. We visited this store, which is on the square.
Whenever I visit Goods for Cooks, I always discover something new. Have you ever heard of egg pods? I had never heard of them. You can buy two for around $10. I love poached eggs, so I thought I would give them a try. Apparently, if you want, you can bake in them in temperatures up to over 600 degrees! It boggles my mind that you can use this space-age "plastic" to bake with!

Just boil water in a skillet, put the egg pods in. I put a little butter in the bottom of them and then dropped my egg in. They dance and float merrily in the water while the egg cooks.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Birthday card...and my creation becomes art.

This is the card that I sent to LP for her 50th. She put it into a frame and hung it on the wall!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nature's perfect package.

Aren't eggs all wrapped up in nature's perfect package? I especially love brown eggs. The brown eggs that we buy are from the "egg lady." She is actually one of my colleagues, but that is what Doug and I call her. Especially because she shares her name with another person of the same name. So Doug will say "the egg lady, or the other one?"

Isn't she pretty? I think so. Thing is she is smart, too. And, she looks better in a pair of coveralls than anyone else. If I looked as good in overalls as she does, that is all I would wear. I love this picture of her and one of her girls. She feeds her chickens sweet potatoes and melon and lots of yummy foods. Sometimes I think her chickens eat better than I do! They certainly produce some beautiful eggs. It is unreal how much harder the shells are on eggs that come from free-range chickens. They are so pretty...I just want to sit and admire them!

My farm kitchen

I call the place a farm, so I suppose this is a typical "farm kitchen." I grew up going to my paternal Grandma's farm, where guests would sit in her kitchen for hours. This sign was in her kitchen for as long as I can remember. Now, it hangs in my kitchen.
I have always made an effort to model my kitchens after Grandma's kitchen. Take for instance, the tablecloth. They are inexpensive, I usually have one for whatever season or holiday we are celebrating. Grandma's was probably oilcloth. This table is Doug's old table and he originally had four chairs. I found the two "school" chairs on highway 40 when antiquing. I brought them home and all six chairs received a fresh coat of green paint. The clippings taped to the cabinet door are paint samples. I want to paint the cabinets a cream color. Perhaps this spring or summer. Would you like a closer look? Everyday. Because every day is special. My Pfaltzcraft pattern, Naturewood.

Everyday silver. I found this wonderful set in an antique mall in Hagerstown, IN and was able to convince the seller to come down a bit in price. It is a wonderful set in one of those old wooden storage boxes with serving pieces. If you use silver everyday, it doesn't tarnish much. I only clean it once or twice a year. Lead crystal glasses from France. Initially, I gave the shop owner a fit by buying one for myself. She told me later that she thought "who would break up a set and just buy one of these?" Doug went back later and bought the rest of the set for me for Christmas. I love dragonflies. These glasses are heavy and feel very solid in your hand.A subtle hint.
My veg hog vegetable brush. I never use him. I just think he is cute. He makes me smile.

Antique wine glasses that Doug bought for me at this winery, for our first Christmas.

Doug's favorite mug, sugar dish, sweetener, honey, (tea strainer), various coffee toppings and a collection of silver spoons.
A closer look at the silver spoons. I love collecting them. I love to buy old things and use them. I use silver every day. It makes me feel special. I also like to think of it as being environmental and sustainable. I like to think about who used it before me, the lady stirring her tea, offering a gentleman caller refreshment.
Reproduction canisters. My original recipe box from 1978.
New Castle, Indiana - my home town. Home of the "Hoosier cabinet." I also like old jars. I use them, too. The pottery is by Terry Dukeman, of New Castle.

A closer look at my rooster. Isn't he handsome?

This hung in the kitchen of my previous home for many years. This is the theme of our home. My daughter even made a song up about it. That is the end of the tour, for now. Hopefully, these photos will serve as my "before" pictures.

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