Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More snow and more on the movie "Doubt."

This is the view from my car this morning. (Doesn't it look like a scene from a scary movie? It was scary!) I stopped my car on the road to snap this picture (first making certain no other vehicles were approaching). It was difficult to get a photo because when I stopped the wipers, the snow covered the windshield.
This morning, just as Doug was going out the door, he yelled to me "oh, we have more snow." For some reason, I thought he meant a "dusting." It was coming down hard and fast and the roads had not been plowed. I decided to take the highway rather than driving through town. Big mistake.
There was a truck that was off of the road, plowed into the median. I had just gotten past him when my car started to slide. I did not go into the median, but did end up facing west rather than north. All of the cars around me were able to stop. I was able to get my car headed north again and I exited at the first opportunity. I was shaking. I'm happy to report that I did arrive safely.

I had a response from Yonkers, NY to yesterday's post on the movie "Doubt." I welcome your response and am delighted to hear from my readers.

"I don't think the adjective "evil" is the best one to associate with Sr. Aloysius. She's a no-nonsense, my-way-or-the-highway type person in many respects, but she's not preying on anyone. Her ultimate goal is to keep students on the straight and narrow so they stay out of jail and out of hell -- to produce good citizens."

First of all, I grew up Pentecostal which is a far cry from Catholicism. I did date a Catholic young man for two years in high school. I loved his family and they had prayer before each meal. As far as actual knowledge of Catholicism, I have very little. Perhaps "evil" was a bit strong. I don't know if Catholic sisters hear about the way that students from Catholic schools discuss them. It is rarely that they were kind or caring as Sister James was portrayed in the movie, but more often than not...that they were "mean" as Sister Aloysius was portrayed. I don't know if Sisters still smack children's hands with a ruler, but when I was growing up, I often heard stories about being smacked with a ruler. Sister James even points it out to Sister Aloysius in the movie that most of the students fear her. Sister Aloysius shrugs as if she is aware of this fact and that she pays it no mind. I will object to my responder in that Sister Aloysius did prey on someone - Father Flynn. But, again, she believed she was doing the right thing. She acted in order to protect one of her "children."

Doug and I had a hearty discussion following the movie. I agreed with Sister James and he agreed with Sister Aloysius. I have my reasons and he has his.

My responder also provided this link for more information on the Sisters portrayed in the movie.

No doubt, it is a thought-provoking movie. I felt as I stated yesterday, that I identified most with the mother of the young boy. She was protecting her child and fighting for the best future for him. Everyone has their reasons.

And thank you for telling me about the URL flub-up. I'm not always the most techno woman around!

Best wishes to you, my readers! Cheryl


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I cannot imagine snow like that! It does look like something out of a scary movie. I am so glad that you were safe and no accidents happened.

Gotta see the movie. All the talk about it just makes me wanna go and see it.

Nicole said...

I am terrified of driving in this weather! I am so glad that you were able to make it safely to work and back home.

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