Monday, July 30, 2012

Too hot

Nine laying hens, eight eggs today.  I think they were relieved that it only hit ninety-three today and not one hundred and three.  All told, we now have twenty-three chickens.  Two roosters.  Nine that lay, now.  The rest are too young.   We sell our eggs for three dollars a dozen.  That is what I always paid my friend- until she convince me to start keeping my own chickens. 
Some people complain about three dollars a dozen saying "I can get them for a dollar a dozen at WalMart!"  I tell them to go to WalMart- that these are farm fresh eggs and worth every bit of three dollars a dozen. 
When it is terribly hot, such as over one hundred degrees, we've only been getting four to six eggs from the nine hens.  All twenty-three drink close to two gallons of water a day.  In the summer our cats are outdoors almost exclusively and we've been careful to leave water out front and out back.  Our Corgi is indoors and she gets fresh water daily.  All of our stock gets fresh water daily and we make certain their bowls are clean.
I've got one naked lady out front and it isn't me.  Normally, I have a row of them and this year there is one and I'm surprised we got that one.
It has just been too hot.  Too hot to lay eggs.  Too hot for the flowers.  I've been watering to keep Hostas alive.  Normally, Hostas thrive, no matter what.
Too hot and no rain.  Someone I know told me last weekend that they are leaving water out for the deer.  Creeks beds that never dry up are dry. 
I've heard a rumor that this is going to continue until October. 
Sometimes people will lose chickens just due to the heat.  We lost one last summer.  We have a lot of young ones, and there is our old flock, too.  So far, so good.
If you have animals, wild or domestic, please give them fresh water.   It is just too hot.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Riding the B-line trail

When I last posted about buying my bike, Jan from Colorado asked me to join her in a ride.  So, I thought I would take all of you along on a ride with me.  Last Sunday I went out for my second ride on my new bike- my second time to ride the B-line trail. I parked at the farmer's market parking lot and headed South.
I paused to take a photo of the property below.  It inspires me.  It is clean and tidy.  The first time I rode the trail, a gal was watering her flowers.  We are in the midst of a drought.  Her flowers are beautiful  There are boxes with plants in the fence on the right.  I don't know if this place is a business or a residence.  I plan to keep my eye on it. 
This is the bridge that goes up over the road.  You can ride up and over or wait and cross the road.  It is a challenge for me to go up and over.  But a good challenge.
Along the way there are informational signs giving the history of the area.
Way south on the trail.  Sunny and open.  Hot.
From the top of the bridge.  The first time I went down it only when I reached the bottom did I learn that I was holding my breath.  I haven't ridden a bike for about five or six years.  I'm like a little baby learning to walk.  And afraid that I am going to fall (wreck) the whole time.  Loved it when I was talking to my son about riding and he told me to wear my helmet.  
heading back into town

Bicycle wheel artwork
antique mall along the trail

more artwork and a brain along the trail
artwork at La Petite Cafe
French expression at La Petite

Johnson Creamery information
The Johnson Creamery
what is going on in town?
Heading north
an owl in a tree
do you see the Sample gates?
Love this tree-lined section

Historic information on the Showers Building
The Showers Building
Historic information on the train depot
the depot

 Farmer's Market area
Street markings
Quelle heure est-il?  Tables along the trail near the farmer's market area.
Hope you enjoyed going along for the ride...for more information- here.
The B-line is 3.1 miles each way for a total of 6.2 miles.  I rode it last Friday and last Sunday.  On Thursday night I went out to ride the Clear Creek trail which is 2.5 miles each way for a total of five miles.  I was nearly to the turn-around point when the sky open up.  It ha been so dry.  Each and every time we get any rain at all we are over-joyed.  It wasn't cold so I went on out to the turn-around point and finished my ride in the pouring rain.  It was refreshing and kind of fun!

Monday, July 16, 2012

I bought a new bike!

I bought a new bike! 
It is a Trek 7.2 FX WSD.  WSD= Women's Specific Design.
Here is a photo of me on my bike:
 In my mind I look like:
 In reality I look like:

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hiking at Turkey Run State Park

Today my friend Jennifer and I decided to hike one of my favorite state parks in Indiana, Turkey Run.  Jennifer's birthday is at the end of July, but I decided to give her an early gift- a book about hiking.  I read Wild by Cheryl Strayed and it is currently one of my favorite books.  (Oprah loved it, too.)  While I was reading the book, I kept thinking about Jennifer and how much I thought she would enjoy it.  Jennifer and I both love nature.  We love analyzing relationships.  And we are both into self-improvement and personal growth.
Then we got into the car and took off.
One of the reasons we went to Turkey Run was because of the ladders trail. 
From the trail description: 
*3. VERY RUGGED (1.7 miles)—The ladders trail. Unusual hiking between the steep walls of both Rocky and Bear hollows. Be careful. Portions may be impassable during high water.

While we were hiking we had some rain-   but most of the time the canopy overhead was so thick that the rain never reached us.  It was lovely.  Indiana is in a drought this summer and we long for rain and will take it whenever we can get it.
In this park you are often hiking in deep canyons and it is damp and the rocks are slick. 
There were some high school football players- all wearing bandannas and different ones carrying flags.  As they rushed by us I said "Survivor?"  One of the guys said "Amazing Race."  These guys were really kind of dangerous  to others and Jennifer told them so.   As you can expect, her chastisement had little effect on them. 
Later on the trail, an especially wet, slippery portion, when I was faced with the possibility of falling on rocks or scooting on my rear and getting wet, I was rescued by a gallant Latino man who observed my predicament and offered his hand to me.  It was nice to be near a gentleman when I needed one.

This park is beautiful with huge rocks everywhere. 
Ferns spilling down over the edge of the rocks.
 Sunlight peeking through.
Moss kissed canyon wall.
 Trees grow from the edge.
 We found this huge wedge of a rock and I asked Jennifer to give us some perspective.
 After leaving the park we stopped to peruse this interesting looking farmhouse filled with antiques.
 Two outbuildings, as well.

 First thing, I hit the restroom and learned you can shop in there, as well.

 looking at the hallway and bathroom door
 Second story porch
We rummaged about and Jennifer found an old suitcase and some vintage aprons that looked like something off of Mad Men.  I found what we referred to as a "foot"- a wooden form probably used to make shoes. 
Another stop closer to home- Cataract Falls. I was able to capture some perfect light and amazing sky.
Because of the drought, leaves are down, the grass is brown and it looks more like fall than July.
We decided this might be a pleasant spot for a picnic in the fall.  It isn't too far from the town that we both live in.
Jennifer and I both work full time at the university.  At one point in time we worked together in the same office- that is how we met and became friends.  It was wonderful to get  away- to be out in nature, to hike for three hours, to do some exploring, and have lots of time to talk.
You can visit her at Bess Wess. 

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