Friday, May 7, 2010


This has been a hectic week. Tomorrow is commencement at the university. I have been taking phone calls this week to assist people with special needs seating. Coordinating parking and seating for those who are either in a wheelchair or who have limited mobility. My phone rang off the hook. I assisted over three hundred people and spoke with many more. Normally, I work commencement. My son is graduating tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will be Mom.
I just took Chelsea out for her last potty. It is very cool this evening. I have on these Capri pant p.j.'s with a tank top. It was chilly. There is a part of me that loves having a dog and taking it out...the quiet you experience, the mystical magic. It is calming and peaceful. Like getting up with a baby that just wants to be held. You are caring, but also finding comfort in being needed, but not so much that it is demanding. Just a connection. I take Chelsea outdoors and look up at the sky and feel the breeze, see what is blooming, noting the current weather.
I have been exhausted because of the non-stop calls at work, but when I got home after five, I would change and work in the yard until I forced to stop. In the yard, I am both judge and jury. I decide what stays, what lives, what goes and what is ripped out by the roots. I've been edging the walkway in the back yard and pulling out weeds, raking up twigs and leaves and getting the yard in shape. No matter how many hours I'm out there- that sort of work doesn't bother me. I'm physically tired, but mentally energized when I'm outdoors.
I'm feeling a little emotional about my son's graduation. He is my youngest. I moved to the same town that he goes to school almost three years ago. It has been nice being able to meet him for meals and getting together for talks. I know as of the end of July, he will be moving out of state. Both of my children are intelligent and independent. That is what you strive for as a parent, for them to be autonomous. I will miss him, though.
And that stupid song..."Pomp and Circumstance..." it always makes me cry.
I'm wearing the dress that I wore to Doug's son's wedding in Hawaii. It is a sleeveless linen dress with a matching cardigan. I have new sandals and I've just polished my toenails. I'm ready.
At least on the outside.


Cheryl said...

Have a fabulous time at your son's graduation. P&C has always made me smile. An ending and a beginning.

Let the tears flow and enjoy.

rachel awes said...

lol to your feet
& the rest of you
as you walk through
such milestones!x

Angela said...

Hope you have a good time just being Mom at your son's graduation!

Happy Mother's Day!

KleinsteMotte said...

What a Mother's Day gift! Your son's graduation!

Al said...


Bitter sweet days, but happy you get to be a *proud* mom and watch your son mark this momentous occasion.

Congrats. :)


Chatty Crone said...

Some times it's nice just to be mom for a change and nothing else.

. . .and a Happy Mother's Day to you too. ♥sandie

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