Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Have you ever met a turkey hunter? (or two?)

Last Saturday, on our way to the wine fest, Duggles had to stop to potty at Knight's Corner. Locals know where it is- on the road between Bloomington and Nashville. There were a couple of turkey hunters with a turkey and being the kind of girl that I am, I hopped out of the van to chat with them and take photos. (Inquiring minds want to know!) They were more than happy to comply, to pose, to educate. I love this pic. The hunter who got the bird (on the left) wanted to hold it up so that we could see how tall it was. I love the expression on the hunter's face on the right.
Hunter on the left was telling us this is how you display your kill. He said this was his ninth bird.

He was showing us how some feathers are round and some are straight and told us that the turkey uses the round feathers to strut for the ladies.
Look at the beautiful color. He was showing us the "beard" of this male bird. It looked and felt like a horse's tail. He said only males have beards.
I truly enjoyed talking with these fellows. Knight's Corner is a check-in station and his bird weighed in at twenty-one pounds. I asked him if he was going to freeze him and save him for Thanksgiving and patting his stomach he told me he was going to take him home and cook him and eat him. The man with the great smile (farmer on right) told us he would buy the beer if we wanted to join them.
But, alas, we were on our way to the wine festival. So, we thanked them for the educational information and the photos and were on our way.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

What a cool story. I bet your hubby just loves that you talk about where he potties on the blog!!

Nicole said...

I have actually met a couple turkey hunters. My uncle and aunt are actually turkey hunting right now. They sure do love to show of their prizes. You got some nice pictures of the birds.

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