Sunday, May 3, 2009

Merry month of May

I have written of one of my favorite shops here in Bloomington before. The name of it is Lola Rue and it is owned by Lisa Orme. She sent out an email last week that she was having a yard sale of sorts. She had everything set up in the parking lot in front of her store.
You know I couldn’t miss that!
I love old linens and picked three “dresser scarves”for $8!
Doesn’t this one look like a lovely little May basket?
I used this dresser scarf as a table runner. I think it is perfect for a country kitchen, don’t you? This one is perfect on my great aunt Myrtle’s antique table.
The table sits in the entry way which has yellow walls. I picked up this beautiful old pillow for $4! What a steal! I was tickled-pink.

A closer look. I think I’ll take it to work and try it in my office chair. I have a bad habit of sitting on the edge of my seat (in every chair I ever sit in)! Perhaps if I have a pillow for my back, I’ll sit back in my chair. I purchased this purse for $18. It was created in a class. I believe it was originally meant to be a gardening tote, but it is perfect for spring-time. With three pockets on the back side for my keys, cell phone, whatever I need to have handy. Isn’t it adorable?

Lisa and I always visit when I go into her shop. She told me that I picked this soap up and smelled it several times. She said “why do you keep putting it back down?” Then, she gave it to me. She told me she knows I’ll be back for more. Lisa followed my friend and me to the parking lot to give us these flowers for a Mother’s Day gift. What a wonderful idea- she wrapped them in a sheet of music and tied with twine. Wouldn’t that be a great gift for a church- to use old hymnal pages? She always thinks of all kinds of wonderful, creative ideas. I had a lot of fun, as I always do when I visit Lola Rue and I got several excellent buys.

All serve to make this little farmhouse a farm home.


Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

I especially like the pillow! I would have bought the soap, too. I can't seem to resist home made or unique soaps whenever I see them. Happy Monday! -C ^..^

Miss Janice said...

Love these linens and the pillow is awesome!

besswess said...

First of all, I love everything you bought. Secondly, you are so southern when you wrote, "visited". I love you so very much. Thank you for your delightful writings!

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