Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Madison In Bloom, Part Deux

In Madison in Bloom, Part Deux, we shall visit the home of Dottie and Jerry Massie, 413 E. Third Street. When asked to participate in the Madison in Bloom tour, Dottie said "well, it just wouldn't be worth it if I don't let them see the house."
Thank you, Dottie!
For me, this home just made the tour. This home is a "shotgun" house and Dottie has taken advantage of every square inch of it. (More info on Madison, IN shotgun houses here.)
Exterior. Look at the little candle in the small lower window. I didn't notice it when we were there. I would have loved to have heard the story on that - does anyone know? To provide lighting for footing before street lamps?
Pulling out the original ceiling, the Massies opened up the ceiling to the rooftop. Isn't this skylight wonderful? I love the way the trees are there- it would be lovely to sit on the sofa in front of the fireplace and watch the skylight.

There was a fireplace which passed between the living room and kitchen. Two chairs covered in black and white gingham material complete with matching ottoman graced the fireplace on the kitchen side. This interesting fellow greeted us just as we entered the kitchen.

I would love to have a sink like this. Everything, including the refrigerator was covered in this wood. Dottie had drawers surrounding the island on all sides and cabinets to the ceiling. An abundance of storage in a very small kitchen.
This lightweight interesting light fixture centered the kitchen. Dottie told us she had collected the copper fixtures for many years.
Our gracious, welcoming, hostess, Dottie Massie. She showed us a copy of Midwest Living magazine (on counter) in which her previous home on Main Street (in Madison) had been featured.
I was quite taken with this candlestick.
This high chair was used by Dottie's children. She told us that she took it to the artist in pieces and that the artist not only repaired it, but painted it. Unfortunately, I did not get the artist's name. (Dottie, if you read this post- perhaps you might enlighten us?)
The quote on the back of the chair written by my beloved William Blake. (Yes, I love him...I have a degree in English.)
Another chair, painted by the same artist. The inscription reads "everyone needs their own spot."
In sitting area in the bedroom...I love dragonflies. Isn't this lovely?
"Might I have a spot of tea?"
Oh my. I just wanted to climb on and take a nap. Doesn't this look like the coziest bed, ever?

Laundry area. The entire house looked as if it were straight out of a magazine.
Look at the little brass squirrel door knocker. I do not remember if Dottie's garden was significant...I just know the house was. Is. My only regret is that I didn't take more photographs to share with you.


Miss Janice said...

Adore the front door wreath, lovely kitchen, great chandelier. I love the painted chairs and like you, I wish you had taken more photos. I am in love with gingham and the peek I saw of those chairs left me wanting to see more. Beautiful home!

msdebbiea said...

Love your Madison posts Cheryl!!!

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