Sunday, May 17, 2009

Madison In Bloom

Today, New Castle Kathy and I met in Madison, IN to take in Madison In Bloom. Madison in Bloom is a garden tour that we've been attending together for several years. For those of you who may not be familiar with Indiana, Madison is a town on the Ohio River. The Ohio River separates Indiana and Kentucky. From Bloomington, I headed south on 37 and then took 50 east across to 65 south. At Brownstown, the East Fork of the White River has flooded both sides of the highway. There wasn't any where to pull over and take photos- but the amount of water surrounding the road was unreal. In places, it looked like a reservoir. When you get to Madison, the fountain on Broadway is a good place to meet.
First, you head to the visitor's center to buy a ticket. The "ticket" is a brochure which has a map with the locations of the gardens and descriptions of each property. Along the way, the gardens are marked by these signs.
I liked this planter.
This is a bud...
of this flower. I love poppies. A flower I don't yet have in my garden. My paternal Grandma always had them in her yard and further north in the state where her farm was, (Losantville), her poppies would always bloom around Memorial Day. The furthermost southern part of the state is ahead of the rest of of the state by a couple of weeks.
Next post: a peek inside a beautiful Madison home. Touring this beautiful home was worth the $10. ticket price of the tour.

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