Saturday, August 22, 2009

TREEHUGGER fights back (unfortunately)

Left: bumper sticker on my car.

My favorite day of the week is without a doubt, Saturday. I can sleep in, shower whenever I want, don't have to rush. This morning, I had this unbelievable energy. I made coffee and then headed to farmers market. I saw my friend and her little man and then bought sweet corn, peaches and three plants for my flower garden. I saw my gynecologist who is the grandaughter of this man and she smiled and gave me a hug and we chatted.
After that I headed to Barnes and Noble to buy Rick Bragg's book Prince of Frogtown, because Bragg will speak next month at the Monroe County Library. I was sitting at a light and I hear a man say "hey treehugger, you are a tail-gater. Initially, I rolled up my window and tried to ignore him, but he just kept shouting at me. So, I rolled down the window and responded to him. Big mistake. I love the saying "don't get down into the mud with the pigs because the pigs love it and you just get muddy," because it is true. Well, I got down into the mud with the pig.
He called me crazy and stupid and I said "I have a college degree, do you?" And then he said "yes in Religious Studies...what is your degree in?" Then I understood his holier than thou attitude. This man was old...grandpa age. I later thought aren't grandpas supposed to be kindly and nice and smile? After yelling at me and telling me I was a tail-gater, he brought his car frighteningly close to my car and then cut over in front of me.
I became so upset by the altercation that I was shaking. The peaceful, happy feeling was gone. But I allowed it to happen. Then I felt so disappointed in myself for responding to him and getting down on his level. I hate it when that happens. That is what I get for fighting back.

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