Sunday, August 16, 2009

Am I blue?

Am I blue? A little dusty, maybe. But not blue. We attended the CD release show last night for Jason Fickel's new CD, Dust Up Baby.

I first discovered Jason playing and singing at the local farmers market. I liked his voice, his playing, the way he dresses, the way he moves. He has a quick and easy smile and a gentle way with people. His eyes twinkle when he tells his stories. Jason is somewhat Chicago mobster zoot suit meets Kansas cowboy. Last night was no exception as he came out on stage looking like the sharpest dressed man in town only to don his cowboy hat after the show to sign autographs.
He regaled the audience with many comedic stories of growing up in Kansas. His stories ramble and you sit and wonder if he is ever going to make a point (and he always does). The firebay was standing room only as Jason's most ardent fans came to support him. We all departed with not only the newest cd release, but a prized Jason Fickel bourbon glass. I know I shall treasure mine always. I'll have to hide it so that Duggles doesn't break it.
Ginger Curry opened for him and she has a distinctive melodic voice and a wonderful, confident "I don't care" presence on stage. I had never heard her before and look forward to hearing her again.
Gettin' down, B-town style.
Telling us about his cousin Janet and her cowboy boyfriend.
See Jason, we were listening!
More concentrated gettin' down.
Nearly every piece that Jason performed last night was written by him.
His tunes are a bit melancholy as reflected by lyrics such as
"I'll take you back (where I first found you and leave you).
The man can pick.

The real reason I'm so taken with Jason Fickel.
These shoes and the slow and easy way he half turns to his band before a song and counts
"one, two, three, fo..."
The Duggles and Jason after the show.
You can see that Dug can hardly contain his excitement.
There were a number of children selling Jason's CDs and giving away the aforementioned bourbon glasses. I asked if they were his children and one little blonde said she was. I said to her,"your dad is about the coolest dude around!"
She said "I think so, too!" When I told Jason after the show he said
"I hope I can just keep her thinking that!"
Check out the Fickelmeister. You won't be sorry.

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