Monday, August 3, 2009

Along came a spider

Last summer we found this spider outside of our house.
Actually, near the front door. Yes, she was this big.
This gives you perspective, against the siding.
Then, she proceeded to lay eggs and I guarded her. I didn't want anyone to harm her or her eggs. When we left for the Grand Canyon in October, she was still around. When we returned home, she was gone. One of the three house/animal sitters that we had employed apparently swept Mama Spider and her eggs away.
Yesterday, I was doing laundry. I had already separated the loads and was picking up the clothes to do a load of "lights" when something fell into the basket. It was a relative of Mama Spider! UGH. I screamed, took off my shoe and killed it. Then, I took a bunch of toilet tissue and picked the spider up and flushed it down.
Outside, o.k.
Inside, not so much.

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