Monday, August 10, 2009

First Friday

On Friday night, the Duggles and I went downtown for First Friday.
We enjoyed strolling about, as we always do, downtown. Bloomington, IN courthouse.
(The Christmas lights are up all year round but only lit from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day.)
Every summer. Aren't they lovely? Front and side of this building.
Here is what we learned on the gallery walk: a photo such as this can be sold for $1500.
Any takers?
Dug said "your stuff is as good as these."
(He wasn't talking about the distorted photos.)
After our stroll, we went to Malibu for dinner.
This combo played lovely Charlie Brown-Schroeder sort of music for our dining pleasure.
We are creatures of habit. I usually get pasta and the Duggles gets this Asian Chicken salad.
Famous Kirkwood (locally, 5th Street).

We had a lovely evening. We have had a lot of rain this summer. (My apologies to those of you in drought-ridden areas.) By the end of the evening, a gentle rain was falling. It was hot and muggy, so despite having a jacket or umbrella, it was a pleasant walk to the car. Met an interesting person at one of the galleries. As I am still fairly (nearly two years) new to Bloomington, I am forever thinking "could I be friends with this person?"
It was our first time to First Friday and we enjoyed it greatly.

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Anonymous said...

I love those flowers. When I worked at the courthouse, I would park on the street and in the morning, they would water them and the smell of the cold water mixed with the flowers hitting the warm pavement was delightful.

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