Sunday, August 2, 2009

I even managed to get some on the ceiling

The Duggles used to be a professional painter. Meaning that he was paid to paint in the dorms, back in the day. He can put a brush to a wall and dreaw a straight line. I, on the other hand, am not a professional. Do I look like a professional?
Don't answer that.
I have never painted a ceiling with a long pole. I've always used a tray and stood on a ladder. The Duggles says this is the way that professionals do it.
I did my best, but try as I might, I think I got more paint on myself than I did on the ceiling.
I wore goggles and I kept my mouth shut.
Head to toe...
I was covered in paint.
I got in the shower and dug yelled through the door
"is it coming off?"
A couple of good scrubbings and I'll be good as new.
Meanwhile, we have a snowy white kitchen ceiling.

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besswess said...

I love the painting pictures. So, did Doug say that professionals get as dirty as you did?

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