Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm jonsing for...

A barn coat in barn red.
We are approaching my favorite season of all. Fall. I love all seasons. I love living somewhere that we have all four seasons. Usually, by the end of one season, I'm ready for the next. I never feel that way about fall. By the end of summer, I'm longing for what I refer to as "the ah of fall." You know, that morning when you get up to go to work and overnight, it has happened. It is cool and crisp and the leaves are turning. Sunny afternoons and cool evenings. I just have to say "ah."

I've always wanted a barn coat. I don't even have a barn. We have a barn but it is not a barn in the traditional sense. It is one of those big metal structures which houses not animals but the junk of every friend and relative that the duggles has ever known. (Personally, I think we should just bulldoze it all.)

I believe in my mind, I just have this romantic notion about wearing a barn coat. Cabela's ad reads "that soft, broken in feel you'll love." Another ad reads "lets you get the job done in rugged comfort... " that really appeals to me. I like to think I'm an outdoors girl, and rugged comfort...well, that just sounds lovely. Where should I buy said coat? Woolrich, Cabela's, L.L. Bean, Eddie Bauer all come to mind. A company that I haven't heard of, Lakin McKey is found on this website and it looks as if they make a fine, inexpensive coat. Do I need another coat? No. Do I need another red coat? No. That has nothing to do with my desire for another red coat.

A barn coat is a fine idea. My arms are short and I can cuff up the sleeves, deep warm pockets, heavy warm fabric. I can see myself now in my mind's eye in hiking boots and jeans, a mock turtleneck peeking out from beneath my barn coat. It would be fun to feed chickens, throw hay to the horses, water the cows...but since I don't have any of those animals, I'll have to settle for walking through crunching leaves with my dog.

While looking at coats, I learned that I could get a matching coat for my dog. Now wouldn't that be a fine sight? The two of us in mother/daughter barn red barn coats?
Barn coat, available in barn red for dogs.

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besswess said...

I think you should buy both of them! Oh and one for me. :)

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