Friday, August 21, 2009

Sailor's Delight

Chelsea and I walked the Clear Creek trail tonight. We headed out and I was packed like a camel heading out into the desert - doggie-do baggies for Chelsea, treats, tissues, cell phone, my car key zipped into a pocket and my water bottle in my "woods purse" which I carried cross-body. The sky was amazing.
Clouds that were flushed with colors of pink, red and glowing white, like looking at the underside of a seashell. Clouds that billowed in layers.
The trail side is filled with wild flowers (a.k.a. "weeds") that I picked in my mind and arranged - bouquet after bouquet. Bulbous purple thistles, pink-lavender clovers, black eyed daisies, a small yellow flower that looked like sweet peas. Feathery flounces and ferns and spikes of leaves. I gathered them all.

We didn't get started until 7:30. Really, too late. I walked as fast as I could, stopping once for a potty break for Chelsea and once for myself. Chelsea had a water break heading out and coming back. There is a water fountain with a ground level dog fountain. Whoever thought of that one had to be an animal-lover. We finished in an hour and a half. The entire trail is four and a half miles total, so I was pleased with our time. When we finished, it was getting dark and I felt a bit uncomfortable as the populous of the trail diminished as it grew darker.

I was soaking wet when we finished and had a tired dog along for the ride home. Sailor's delight? Color me delighted as well.

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