Sunday, August 23, 2009

The "ahhhh" of Fall

A pear hangs from the tree in our backyard.

Each year, I eagerly anticipate the "ahhh" of Fall. It is that day, that moment when you say "ahhh," because suddenly, over night, the weather has turned significantly cooler. We have had an "ahhh" here, this weekend. Yesterday morning, it was in the early sixties. Last night it dipped into the fifties. The air conditioner was off, the window was open. All day we had "fall clouds," dark and menacing, promising rain, without it actually raining. Ever so often a strong gust of wind. I saw a little swirl of leaves yesterday, a mini cyclone where they seem to join hands and dance in a circle. Leaves are gathering at the edge of our drive.

It seems most mark the end of summer and beginning of fall with Labor Day weekend. That is when the pool closes. The autumnal equinox, officially, is around September 21.

For me, it is fall up until mittens weather. That is (for me) when winter starts. But while I am in fall, I am deliriously happy. I wonder if it has anything to do with my being an October baby? I love wearing a sweatshirt, especially one with a hood, bunched up and hugging about my neck. I love barn coats and quilted CPO jackets. I love sitting before a hot fire, with the cool nipping at your back. Shivering when you step away from the fire. Cold nose and chilly cheeks, warm kisses when you are cold, snuggling in a tent, feeling the warmth of your sleeping bag embrace you.

I love hiking boots and leaves crunching underfoot. I love raking leaves and staying out until you just can't stand it anymore- then running inside to warm up with a cup of hot cider, tea or cocoa. I love chili and soups and cold hands wrapped around a mug. Our Chelsea loves to chase leaves and tries to catch them with her mouth. She also likes to run through them.

I love drying grasses, standing tall and turning from green to tan. I love nuts and berries and autumn decorations and have a plethora of pumpkins and gourds. I love fall candles and potpourri. Anyone knows I am always eager to decorate my home in the colors of fall. Yes, I wait until after Labor day to do that. I love welcoming pumpkins and mums at the front door.

I love Big 10 football in person, but in fall, the hum of a game on t.v. or radio, is nice background noise. The enthusiasm of the announcer as he yells, "he is at the twenty, the ten...TOUCHDOWN!"

As I write this, the windows are thrown open and it is in the mid sixties. Have you felt the "ahhh of Fall," yet? Tell me what you love about fall and why.

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Jen Kershner said...

I am so excited about fall too. I'm so thrilled that we have more fall like weather headed our way this weekend. I can't wait to throw open the windows and get some fresh air in here! By the way, your pup is such a cutie!

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