Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Saturday Farmer's Market and Art Fair

I adore our local Saturday farmer's market, but I especially love it on the one Saturday a month when it is combined with the art fair. Such was the case this past Saturday.
There is an owl in a certain D.C. office that I bought from this lady for my favorite girl.
And more peaches.
Peacock feathers.
And turkey feathers.
This is the mushroom man. I never can remember his name.
He also sells mushrooms at the Goshen Farmer's Market,
which is ran by the Duggle's brother, Paul.

I always enjoy visiting the Goshen Farmer's market whenever we are up there. The market there is year-round and has a building which it is housed in. And the Duggles is always mistaken for his brother, so we always have plenty of people to visit with.
Pepper Lady. If you look closely, you'll see her in her pepper dress.
Pepper plant. Aren't they beautiful?
And more tomatoes.

I bought what has been a new addition to our local market this summer, a bottle of wine. I bought a bottle from this winery. We are fortunate to have many wonderful local wines here in southern, Indiana.
It was a lovely late summer day. See you next Saturday at the market?
Look at those luscious red tomatoes!

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stephanie said...

Just linked over from Thoughts of Whimsey. I have only made it to the Bloomington Farmer's Market once all summer. Shame on me because I adore going. Your photos are beautiful!

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