Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dogrs Kindergarten (agility)

Last night was our third class in agility, which I refer to as "dogrs kindergarten." The instructor is Leslie Ems of Flying Paws Agility. Chelsea has 8-10 classmates and we divide into two groups- "little dogs," which means young dogs and "big dogs," which means older dogs. All of the small dogs are in the little dogs group and all of the mega big dogs are in the big dogs group. Did I make that perfectly clear?
Each Monday evening, Chelsea is so excited to go to school and see her friends.
"Hey mom, are we there yet?"
"Dad, can you go faster?"
" Yeah, that is better! Ride like the wind!"

Finally, we get to "school." Everyone walks around, getting his or her respective dogs attention, waiting for Leslie to begin.
"Sit. Good girl!"

Last night was our third class. Last week the dogs ran through the tunnel with it straight. Last night after a couple of straight runs, the instructor started to turn it. Chelsea didn't hesitate.
There she goes!
Each dog runs through each exercise several times.
Leslie using Chelsea as an example.

Starting to work on running through the chute.
Initially, two people hold it up.
"Here I am!"
After a few turns, they let the top of the chute gently fall.
Then, it is just down and the dogs run through.
Previously, this walkway was just a few inches above ground.
After a few turns, the walk was raised. Chelsea did just fine.
Dad, putting her through her paces.
As of last night, we were half-way through the course. We will probably sign up again. Chelsea loves it and we all have fun. Class lasts an hour and fifteen minutes. We need to master stay, down, recall to heel and the pull/push. We never give Chelsea treats and she gets a lot of treats at class. She loves that part. Where will this lead? I do not know. People ask us all the time if we think we will show her. We have only been to three classes, so it is a little too early to say. For now, we are all having fun at "school."


Nicole said...

It looks like she's having a great time!

Kelly said...

Looks like fun! I'd eventually like to get Gibson into agility, but I think he's too big of a goof-off to behave in class as of now :)

Anonymous said...

You must teach me all of your tricks. :)

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