Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here we go a stippling among the leaves so colorful

Last Sunday afternoon my friend Karen and I headed down to Nashville to Papertrix for a card making class with owner Cindy Hawrys. We made three fall cards. My friend from Muncie, Carol, makes beautiful cards and has inspired me to get in touch with my creative side. I have been buying supplies, (a LOT of supplies) but had not made one card yet! My hope was that the card making class would help me get over a few of my issues. Like a swimmer, poised at the end of the diving board, I've been afraid to jump in and get started. One issue is that I'm a perfectionist. I like to always add "but not as bad as I used to be." My mother tells me that from the time I was a first-grader, I had difficulty getting my papers finished because I wanted them to be perfect and therefore, I am slow. Still a problem, at times. Diane, who works at Papertrix told me I need to "get over that."
Another issue was how to glue my materials together- which sounds silly I suppose, but in this class I had the opportunity to learn what I liked and what I didn't like. I found I didn't like the tape dispenser thingies that you press down and it is supposed to roll out. For me, it didn't want to roll. I pressed so hard that I had marks on my card stock. We also used some glue that came out of a pen and was blue, so that was easy to see. We used that to flock with and to glue our googly eyes on our turkeys. After class I went home and made two cards and I found for now I like two sided tape. The third issue that I'm still dealing with is how to print out the text I want to put in my card- to use a stamp or hand write or ???
Here is Cindy explaining about paper cutters to us. I bought a Fiskars cutter.
Here I am with my "Gobble till you Wobble" card. We glued the layers of card stock on, colored our turkeys with colored pencils then flocked two different colors, cut the turkey out and raised him up with foam pieces. I was singing "Turkey in the Straw" while we worked.
Here is Karen. Isn't she cute? She looked like her usual fashion model self. I looked like I was going to a craft session at day camp.

Here Karen glues down her turkey.
Here is Diane, who works part time at Papertrix. Sunday was the first time I met her. Karen and I just loved Diane and the four of us had a great time together. Diane used to be a stamp company rep - something like twenty years ago and she has lots of experience and know how and gave a lot of helpful tips. She will be teaching a class on collages that I don't want to miss. I love to make collages!
You can see in the background of all of the pics how cool the shop is. It has been around for three years, but I just discovered it. Wayne and Cindy are extremely knowledgeable and both have a contagious enthusiasm for what they share with their many customer/friends. The shop is something like a local barber shop where people come to visit and share techniques and ideas. As Diane put it "I would always come here and hang out." Then she started to work for them.
We learned to stipple which is to make small short touches of paint with a short brush - but I forgot that card at the shop, so I don't have a pic of it. We also did masking on the same card - masked it first, then stippled. I'm all about learning new words and meanings and there were a lot of new words popping up.
We stamped, flocked, used copic markers and colored pencils and had a grand old time. The classes are very reasonably priced and Cindy was a great teacher.
Here is my "Gobble till you wobble" card-

Here is my Thomas Kincaid card which we stamped on a transparency and then coated the backside with adhesive and then colored the picture with colored chalk. What beautiful results!
Papertrix is located at 160 Old School Way, Nashville, IN

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