Monday, September 15, 2008

Gross Post

I went to the dermatologist today to get some moles removed from my neck.
I thought they would burn them off. It felt as if they were being burned off. It burned and hurt like hell. Afterward, I asked the gal that was with me when the dermatologist walked out - "did she burn those off?" And she said "No, she clipped them off with those" motioning to the pair of curved fingernail scissors laying on the counter.
Plus, I had a full body check and silly me, I figured that I would be totally naked for that. I was instructed to have the paper gown open in the back and "you can leave your underwear on."
Remember how your mother always said to wear nice underwear in case of an accident? I must not have listened very well. I did not have on nice underwear and I thought "Can't I just go naked?" Because, I would have rather have been seen in all of my glory than for the Dr. to see my not so nice underpants!"
Then, I had to return to work with band aids on my neck. I guess that is better than getting blood on my clothes.
I warned you. That is why the title of this post is gross.
I'm off to buy some nice underwear.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

They just snipped them off?!?!? Well heck I could have done that! And I would not have charged you near as much!

You are always supposed to wear good panties silly girl!

Liam said...

Which is a good reason why you should always wear your sexy panties...

kate said...

Oh, I would so totally do that underwear thing! ha!

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