Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Summer's Last Sigh?

Here is what remains of the Zinnia garden. I love Zinnias with their prolific colors and shapes and sizes. Sometimes you'll find a stem with two blooms in differing colors and shapes! The more you cut them, the more you get. I walk out into the garden and say "thank you."
I put in many, many hours this summer working with my flowers, but these - are Doug's. He planted them and I cut them and arrange them.

Even a bug is cute sitting atop a Zinnia!

An antique Ball jar with wire fastener makes a perfect vase for a collection of wildflowers,
don't you think?

I throw anything and everything into my arrangements. Whatever I find in the yard or along the wood's edge.

Beautiful colors of the end of the season. Pears from the tree in the yard. It was fifty-one degrees this morning. How long until the first frost? I suppose when I hear it is on its way I will go out and cut all of the remaining Zinnias and gather what is left in the garden.

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kate said...

Beautiful!!! I love zinnias! They're one of my favorite flowers. And I love 'em in that Mason jar! Yep, it feels like summer's over...we re-lit the pilot-light on the fireplace this morning...

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