Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day weekend

Friday was my first REAL day off since I started my job in February. It was wonderful! I was up early (with the baby), finished cleaning the house and on the road to New Castle. While on 465, there was an electronic sign saying that there was a wreck on 70 and that all lanes were affected. So, I took 40. I had not traveled the national road to New Castle for a very long time. I believe every other car that would have taken 70 was also on 40 and for a bit I was in hell battling traffic and road repairs. It was interesting to see all of the changes on 40- a lot of old businesses gone, many new ones replacing them. Finally, I arrived at State road 3. I stopped in Spiceland at the Family Restaurant for a potty break and ordered a vanilla coke- another thing I had not had for a very long time. Yummy! Then to John and Kathy's to introduce Chelsea. (They loved her.) Then, to pick up Laura at her Dad's house. Then, to my parents for a visit. After that, Laura and I headed to the Farmer's Pike Festival. Again, something we had not attended for many years. Friday was a great day to be there. There were not many other attendees. We had Chelsea with us and she was exhausted. Laura and I found a puppy purse, gently used, for $5. and snatched it up. Finally, Chelsea was able to get some rest. When we left the festival, we headed back to Bloomington. Laura held Chelsea in her lap the entire way. Upon arriving in Bloomington, we went to Buffa at the Gables on Indiana. It was quite busy and I sat out front with Chelsea while Laura waited on our order. I believe everyone that passed stopped to coo and pet Chelsea. One woman even took her picture! Here is a pic of Laura and Chelsea and I.

Here is a pic of Laura and Chelsea. Laura is so photogenic, a beautiful smile. She rarely wears make-up and looks wonderful every time. I can't go out without at least concealer! Chelsea is a natural beauty, too.
Chelsea, nine weeks.
She gained a pound this week and is now up to a whopping four pounds!
Saturday, we did the Fourth Street Festival and I found a dragonfly pin. Saturday night, we celebrated Bradley's 21st birthday and Laura, Bradley, Dug and I went to Chili's.
Sunday morning, Laura and I were up early so that we might hit Cracker Barrel (something she can't get on the east coast) for breakfast. Then on to the Indy airport.
After I returned home, John & Kathy showed up for a visit. Dug & I had to give Chelsea her second puppy injection and it was awful. Dug held her and I injected and Chelsea screamed. She did recover quickly, but the during was awful. Kathy and I then visited Fourth Street and I found a pottery dragonfly plate and a bee pin. Then, she accompanied me to buy my new camera (I finally decided upon the Nikon P80). Then home for more merriment. At bedtime, we put Chelsea in her kennel and after awhile, she started to howl. Then, I heard Dug call for me - as if something was wrong. Chelsea had her teeth caught in the wire mesh of the kennel. It scared me to death. After about five minutes, we were able to get her loose. No blood. Just scary. A tough day for puprs!
Yesterday, John & Kathy & Dug & I visited T.C. Steele and did some hiking then ate at the Corn Crib. Then, Dug & I went to Nashville and I got a new duck that looks old for my flower garden.
A lot of running around, a lot of mileage on my Honda, but all in all, a wonderful weekend with loved ones.
After we returned home last night, I charged the battery for the camera and got the day, date programmed. I'm eager to read my owner's manual and start shooting and see what it can do. As always, any/all advice is appreciated.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Both girls are beautiful!! No matter where I go, people have to stop and love on ginger bean. Our dogs are just not run of the mill!

Mine loves riding in the car. Well, I think she does. Maybe I should say she loves sleeping in the car.

kate said...

Oooohhhh puppy envy!!! She is SO adorable! I swear, Corgies are the cutest puppies.

Can't wait to hear more about your new camera; I need/WANT a new one too. Let me know how you like it.

Nicole said...

She is just too cute! I want to meet her!

Sometimes I throw a towel over my puppy's crate when he's whining (like you do with birds). He actually quiets down most of the time.

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