Monday, September 29, 2008

Goin' to the picture show in our back yard on a Friday night.

Friday night the temperature was just about perfect, so we changed, grabbed the puprs and a bottle of wine and headed to the bluffs. Cedar Bluffs is three miles down the road from our house. Cedar Bluffs is the first place that Doug and I hiked together - on our second date.

It seemed only fitting that this would be where we take Chelsea for her first hike. She and I had already walked at 6 a.m., but overall she did fine. Doug carried her a bit, but she enjoyed scampering on the rocks, digging in the dirt and darting off of the side of the trail to hide in the grass.
The trail runs along side Clear Creek.

The trail is rocky along the edge of the creek then you take a left turn and begin ascending the bluffs. In places it is steep and dangerous. The reward for your effort is after a short distance, the view is spectacular. When we got to the top where we had to climb - I went first and then Doug handed Chelsea up to me.
We opened the wine and settled back to enjoy the show.

Only after the show was over and we were sitting in total darkness did I turn to Doug to ask him if he had brought a flashlight along. (I'm quick like that.) He had his head lamp with him so he carried Chelsea and he would take a handful of steps then stop and turn back so that I might follow behind. We have hiked this many times and we knew the way back. You climb to get on top of the bluffs but when you leave the trail meanders through the woods and then slopes down towards the road. We weren't always certain that we were on the trail or a deer trail or blazing our own, but we were able to make our way back out to the van.
Next time you come down, if you like, we'll take you out to climb the bluffs and take you to a spectacular picture show.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I bet she had a ball!! Your pictures are wonderful!

msdebbiea said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! I want to hike this with you when I come visit again! What a fun evening~~~

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