Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The kids on the farm

The first kid that lived on the farm was Doug's cat, Tree. Originally from Arizona, Doug's sister found Tree in a tree, thus the name. We believe he is part Siamese. His voice is this adorable little hoarse, snipped "mew." He likes to go out the back of the house, through the sliding glass door, over the roof and then jump onto one of our vehicles before wanting to come back into the house. He also likes to kill things and leave them on the front step for us- a gift, in cat land. Laura calls Tree "cobby," because he is big and solid and the "Hitler cow cat" because of his markings. He goes in and out and he and Milo are buddies. We think Tree is about eight years old.
This is my cat, the second kid to live on the farm. His name is Milo. I named him Milo because he looks like the cat from Milo and Otis and he is very vocal - a "talking" cat of sorts. When I lived in New Castle, I lived on a very busy street and could never imagine Milo going outdoors, so I had his front claws removed. I never dreamed I'd live out in the country and so for that reason "orange cat does not go out." (These signs are posted at the doors as a reminder for people visiting our house.) Because Tree comes and goes, Milo wants to go out, too and occasionally escapes, although it truly scares him to be outside for very long. Although it took Tree and Milo awhile to get used to one another, now they seem to take turns being the "domi," and have lots of fun chasing and grooming one another. He has been jealous of Mom and her new fur child and very aggressive with Chelsea. It does seem to be getting better. I believe Milo is about nine or ten years old.

This is my new fur child, Chelsea Kabob. The third kid to come to live at the farm. She is now twelve weeks old and weighing in at a little over seven pounds. She is a Welsh Pembroke Corgi.

These two were taken on the back steps.

These last few, she was on top of the picnic table. Her legs are so short, she won't even take the stairs in the house, yet.

Because we are empty-nesters, we love our kids on the farm!


kate said...

STOP IT. Just STOP with the adorable Corgi puppy photos, alright?? The ears? The tongue? The tail-lacking-buttocks? I can't take it anymore.

My gawd she is soooooooo cute!!!!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I LOVE Trees markings. And Milo is adorable.

LOVE the baby!!! GB's tail has gotten longer...her whole body has gotten longer. Are you having a problem with nipping?

msdebbiea said...

I love these pics of all your kiddies!!!!! :) Give Chelsea a kiss from Uncle Tom~~~

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