Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What is essential?

The other day, my daughter was getting on me because I still only have a nineteen inch t.v. and she thinks I need a new big flat screen. She said "I would like to see you have the "essentials." What is essential to one may be frivolous to another. Getting a new t.v. isn't in my list of priorities. I don't watch a lot of t.v. Of course, that may change once we upgrade our cable and I get HGTV.

Nor do I have tivo. My daughter says it would change my life. I'm certain it would.

Nor do I have a dvr. I do have netflix. If I want to see something that is featured on HBO, I usually rent it from netflix. I like the convenience and I like being able to sit through hours of Six Feet Under or Mad Men.

Another thing I don't have and don't want is a blackberry. I love being away from the computer and not having to answer email. I don't understand wanting to answer email via your blackberry and always being in touch. No thank you!

Nor do I have an ipod. I listen to music in my car and on my computer at work. Sometimes, I think ipods are dangerous and definitely anti-social. Plus, just like when people were wearing headphones and blasting music, there will be a lot of people have hearing problems (what?) in the future. One of my friends has that ringing in her ears from listening to her music so loud. Usually, you can hear what people are listening to, even with the earbuds in their ears. Turn it down!

One thing I would love to have is a notebook. And, I'll have one in the near future. But, I know I'll be on it when I "should be" doing something else. Plus, when I can't sleep, I get up and get online. Not good.

What has been essential to my happiness as of late is my new puprs, Chelsea. That little girl is a joy. We are teaching her to sit and speak and how to walk properly. I walk her every day. She can fetch for thirty minutes at a time.
And, I bought a new Nikon Powershot P80 that I am working to master - it is fun to have it with me and to be able to post my own shots.

What else is "essential" to me?



Starbucks. Venti Mocha and Pumpkin loaf.


Hiking and being in the woods.

Candles burning bright.

Chili on the stove.

A fire in the fireplace with s'mores!

A glass of wine.

A magazine or catalog. A cat at my side in my wicker chair.

My car. Being able to go where I want, whenever I want to.


A good book.

All of the toys and stuff are fun, but not essential to me. I know. I'm becoming my mother.

Tell me, what is essential to your life, your well being, your happiness?


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

She is just adorable!!

I recently got DVR and I LOVE it!!

kate said...

Essential...hmmmm...that's a great question. My daughter and my sweetie. Friends. Books. Italian food. Coffee. Intelligent conversation. Hot showers. A comfortable bed. My dogs. Creative outlets. Car (mobility). Travel. Unconditional love.

Oh, and chocolate. : )

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