Thursday, October 2, 2008

Attending a Citizen Cope concert - or "How I hung with the twenty year old set."

About a year ago,my son Bradley and I were in his room working on FAFSA and I loved the music he was playing. It was Citizen Cope. He burned a copy for me and I've been listening to it, ever since. Recently, I saw that Citizen Cope Solo Acoustic tour was going to be in Indy at the Murat. So, for part of B's 21st birthday, I bought a couple of tickets. We drove to Indy last night and had dinner at Bazbeaux Pizza on Mass Ave first. (Yum, I jus loves me some Bazbeaux!) Then, on to the concert. It was supposed to start at 8, but he didn't come out until 8:30. We had amazing tickets and we talked about how our tickets could have been even more amazing if we didn't play the "who is going to get the tickets?" game. We were in the 11th row, seats 11 & 12. For awhile, we sat. The guys behind us were way drunk. At one point, one of them spilled his drink on my back and when I told B., I thought he was going to punch him. He was all like "Hey! Don't be spillin' drinks on my mom!" whoa. I got tears in my eyes. I knew most of the songs. Citizen Cope is cute, has a great voice and is very stoic most of the time. He started singing "Pablo Picasso" and said "The woman that I love" and then he stepped away from the mike and the audience sang on "is forty feet tall." and he gives this slow, shy, cute smile. He stopped playing at ten, but came back out for three more songs after he went off stage. I thought the concert was short, but Bradley deemed it "about right." I was one of less than five in the audience over thirty years old. It is pretty cool when my 21 year old son will go to a concert for his age group with me. Thanks, B. You're the greatest!

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Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

YEP! So totally cool.

I am considered the *cool* mom cause I know all the words to the songs that they are listening to and I know the DJ at the big hard rock station. They know him as CROW. I know him as Brandon. *snickers*

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