Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hoosiers Outrun Cancer

Here is our IUAA Hoosiers Outrun Cancer team that participated in the 5K last Saturday morning. I am second on the left, next to Mama and Mr. Bland.
I actually Outwalked cancer with one of my IU book club buddies, Nicole (pictured to my left)(additional book club ladies, Catherine and Patty to Nicole's left). It was so nice to have someone to do the walk with, to talk with. She is about the same age as my daughter and thin. Even as hard as we walked, I don't think she ever broke a sweat or huffed and puffed. I was definitely huffing as I talked. We finished the 5K in 50 min. I would have personally liked to have done it in 45, but we lost a LOT of time in the beginning as we were not near the front of the pack. By the time we finished, we were closing in on the walkers near the front.
At one point, there were all of these goofy boys - maybe 8-10 years old, being boys, goofing off and I was plowing through like "move it, move it boys!" and Nicole told me that one of the boys said "she is taking this serious!" Yup.

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