Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

the Color Stylist

What says "Christmas" to you?  This is one of those posts that is going to make me seem like a total material girl, and I really am not, but I do loves me some Estee.  About this time every year they have this giant collection, which I refer to as "the Christmas box."  I don't buy this every year, but I do love to get it.  This year a year that I bought it for myself.  You have to purchase a fragrance and I bought White Linen to get it.  They had gift sets which had both fragrance and lotion in them and it was like getting one of them for free.  This is the first time that I've bought White Linen.  A friend of mine wears it and I love the crisp, clean fragrance.  There is something about taking this big ol' box of make-up home and taking everything out that is such a treat. The lady behind the counter asked if I would like it gift boxed and I said "oh, no, darlin'. This is for me."  
While I love Estee Lauder, I don't always buy it or wear it.  But I love it to the extent that my friends tease me about it.  I am an outdoors girl but have been known to carry a lipstick in my pocket.  My philosophy is we don't have to be ugly in the woods.  Doug and I went on a back packing trip in Colorado once and he told everyone that all I had in my backpack was make-up.  I am here to tell you that is not the truth, but I did take clean underwear for every day and baby wipes and some lotion and Burt's bees for my lips.  I do think make-up helps my appearance and if I don't have anything else on, I like to wear lipstick and under eye cover (to hide those dark circles).  
There is something about Christmas shopping, too.  I am supposed to be shopping for others, and somehow I end up buying for myself.  One year (prior to the aforementioned backpacking trip) I went to the mall up north in Indianapolis and the first place I visited was Galyen's.  Oh, how I miss Galyen's.  It was heaven to me.  Pure heaven.  My children used to literally bodily pull me from that store.  So I go to the mall to shop for others and start to look at backpacks.  I had looked and looked and could not get the right one to fit my frame.  I found an excellent salesman and he found a Gregory that fit me just perfect.  What could I do?  I HAD to buy it.  So, afterward, I'm carrying this $250.00 backpack to the car and think (gulp), now I need to start shopping for others. 
I have a friend that enables me in my selfish problem.  She and I buy "one for me and one for you" gifts.  We've been friends for years- since we were seventeen and we have so many things that are alike- tops, earrings, bags.  Her daughter recently said to me "my Mama has a shirt like that."  Well, her Mama bought the one I was wearing.  I said "Honey, your Mama and I have a lot of things that are alike."  It is a lot of fun. 
Do you suffer from the same malady?  Do you buy for yourself when you are supposed to be buying for others?  If not, bless your heart.  As for me, I can't help myself!


ArtyMarti said...

I love White Linen. My mom, bless her heart, didn't have two pennies to rub together, but through her kids she always had White Linen. She wore it to hang out the laundry. She said you never know when the meter man might be by. She was 80 years old!!!

farmlady said...

Oh yes. I buy things for myself when I'm suppose to be shopping for someone else... especially at Christmas. I thought everyone did.
Shopping is a lot of work. You need to reward yourself for all this hard work. Backpacks are an important accessory and when you see one that FITS you can't just pass it up.
As for makeup and lipstick.... I don't go get the mail without makeup. I may be a farm lady but I always put on the makeup when I go down the hill because sure as death and taxes, the minute I go to the store without makeup on, I run into someone I know.
I don't wear lipstick (just gloss) but my mother did and the morning that she died, my sister and I put lipstick on her so she could meet her maker looking the way we knew she would have wanted.
She told me to always smell good and wear clean underwear. I think that's good advice.

Chatty Crone said...

Well I might do that - let me think - I do buy for others - in fact I went shopping yesterday - I bought gifts for others - but I did buy some things for me too. So maybe I have that problem too!


Kris said...

Oh honey,....YES!!! I was out today to get my husband a few things for work. 2 pair of slacks, two new shirts, belt, socks, stroll past the for me....two for gifts.....waddle over to the myself some tights, and oh..I know I NEED me some new socks!!! Yes...I do it too. Shameful really! Oh well. We are women...what can we say! I go NOWHERE without my lips on! NOWHERE!!!!
: ) Kris

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Absolutely! I always buy Estee Lauder at Christmas time...who else knows what I really want, sheesh!!


"If you don't please yourself no one else will." If there is something I want, I buy it. (if I can afford it) I do this year 'round. I will give my husband a gift I got for myself in June and tell him to put it away for me 'til Christmas. I usually forget about it and am surprised come holiday time. But I also do the same thing with gifts for the rest of the family. I am a fragrance nut. Love perfume. I have never tried White Linen. My favorite is Angel by Thierry Mugler.

Anonymous said...

My family still tells the story about when I was a teenager and we went camping I brought along a makeup mirror and hot rollers. I still carry a lipstick while hiking and totally agree with you that you don't need to look ugly in the woods. I wear a ribbon in my ponytail, too, while hiking! :)

Janie Fox said...

oh man, I do this too. I go to buy for others but the bargains are so good I end up treating myself. My theory is at that price I can't afford not to buy it ;) I am an Amazing Grace girl. If you haven't tried Philosophy products you may to want to start. They are addictive. But a tip is QVC has them cheaper and in bigger bottles than Nordstom's or the other dept. stores.

Donna said...

Well you girls have gotten me into the mood to SHOP. Cheryl, I applaud your honesty! I think all of us splurge when we can afford it. I'm always fascinated by people who run down others for being "materialistic" yet those folks may spend a fortune on their own luxuries such as vacations or vehicles. So to each her own.
I enjoy being a girl. I used to think "we're women, not girls." Age has loosened me up: I am a GIRL and will always be a GIRL. GIRL is not a demeaning term in my book.
I find your Estee splurges sweet. I do not leave the house without lipstick. Oh but darling, I need to add eyeliner, brow pencil, foundation to fill the facial pot holes and earrings to that list. So be it! Fun post. But yours always are. So enjoyable.

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