Thursday, December 22, 2011

Going Postal

Have you had the pleasure of going to the post office to mail a package?
I had to get my package into the mail to my son in North Carolina. 
The parking lot was full. 
The line was to the back of the post office.
The line went past the exit so that you had to step out of the way in order to allow people to exit.

Two people took a box up and sat it down in front of the mail man.
The mail man says "you need to tape this up.  It needs an address and a return address."
The lady says "you don't put a sticker on it for us?"  I think these people don't know how to write.
The mailman says "I've got priority mail and first class stickers.  Which one do you want?"
Then the lady says "how much?"
The mail man says "do you have a zip code for me?" 
She fumbles in her purse, finds a piece of paper and tells him the zip code.
Then they quibble over first class or priority.
Then he gives them a roll of tape and tells them to step out of line.

After a couple more customers, a red headed man in a suit steps to the same mail man's window. 
His box isn't taped, either.
It is in a USPS priority mailing box.
The mail man gets another roll of tape and says "get out of line and tape this up."
The red head rips off a piece of tape and sticks it on the top of the box.
"There, he says, it is ready."
The mail man shakes his head and says "o.k."
An African-American man in line a few back behind me chuckles and says "no moh line for him, he be done wid the line!"
Others chuckle.
The mailman says "do you want priority?  You have this in a priority box." 
The red head says "whatever. Tell me what I owe you."

After a couple more people, it is my turn.
I step up, put my box on the counter and say "look at that, all taped  up, return address, mailing address.  I'm ready."
The mail man never breaks character.  At 7:30 a.m. he is pissed. 
He starts rattling off his spiel "anything breakable, perishable, blah, blah, blah."
Then he told me if I wanted it guaranteed by the next day it would be fifty dollars.
I shook my head no.
Then he told me two to three days would be thirteen dollars.
Then he asked me if I wanted to pay so they would sign for it.
I said "they will let me know when it gets there."
Then he told me that my hand-made Christmas cards are too fat and they will be twenty cents extra. 
I say "I make my own and get carried away."  I think I may have seen a faint smile at that point.  Grouchy, grouchy, grouchy.  I stood there and thought do you have any idea how many people would love to have your job?
If you're happy and you know it clap your hands...
C'mon, people, it is Christmas.


Rae said...

We must go to the same post office - I've met that same grouchy worker. Seems to be a lot of them around. Far too many of those people who don't know how to tape a box a home too. Holidays must bring out the idiots. Funny story - too bad it's so true.

ain't for city gals said...

This makes me so happy I live in funky little Congress Az with a funky little post office with ONE worker who is very happy to have his job! And yes this time of year our line goes out the door also but we all just stand around talking until it is our turn and then paul asks all the questions and we give all the answers and then say Merry Christmas to each other and go home and make hot chocolate....Merry Christmas to you, Cheryl and a Healthy New Year!

Holly said...

I love the way you told that story. People crack me up. I would have loved it if you had started really singing that song out loud and encouraged everyone else in line to join in. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!! Don't send me any snow!

Donna said...

A couple of years ago in the New Castle post office there was a sign dangling from string over the counter workers that said "HO, OH, OH."
When the wind twirled the sign around backwards, it read, "OH, OH, OH."
The irony was overwhelming.

ArtyMarti said...

The postman has been joined by the check out clerk at the grocery store, the salesman at the paint store, and the bus boy at the restaurant--all in a bad mood over having to work a little harder than usual. My grandson would trade jobs with any of them. Merry Christmas.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Cheryl, It's got to be today, I have had a horrible day, just got my nails done this afternoon, I was lighting a candle and I lit my end of my acrylic nail on fire. I have a black tip nail on my thumb. This was after waiting in line forever at DMV for my car registration due today and arguing with my Mom over something so silly. I love to stay peaceful and enjoy the season . . . today was not going to let me :O)


This made me chuckle. Must be that way in Post Offices all across the country. Clerks that are all business kinda of do rule the roost. But here when people bring in unsealed packages, our guys tape them up, put postage on them and everything. I kid you not. But they're never in the Christmas spirit. Hope you have a Merry Christmas. I'll be hobbling along with my cane. Tore the meniscus in both my knees, so walking is painful. Take care.

msdebbiea said...

Clap, clap, clap! Merry, Merry Christmas my friend~~

Love you~Me

Pam said...

Actually, the people at our post office are pretty good in our small town. The sad thing is that it will be closing soon and then it won't be a little 5 minute ride to get to get to the post office. Merry Christmas!

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