Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How ya doin?

This was the scene at our house last weekend.  Doug had just given the chickens a pan of "sop."  I thought this was some home-grown farm word that Doug made up, but I looked it up and it is a for-real term.  Sop:  a piece of food soaked or dipped in a liquid.  He gives them bread with milk and they go crazy for it.  We started letting our flock free-range when we are home.  Sometimes they take off into the woods.  I am afraid some critter will get them.  I try to tell myself the same thing as I tell myself about Milo (orange cat, pictured above)- he was always an indoor cat when we lived in the city on a very busy street.  When I first moved to the country with Doug I had signs at every door stating "orange cat does not go out!"  Everyone made fun of me.  But Milo saw Doug's cat going in and out and Chelsea (our Welsh Pembroke Corgi) going in and out and soon enough Milo wanted to go in and out, too.  I just tell myself that if something happens, they were happy running about in the yard and woods. 
For the record, neither of our two cats or the dog has every bothered any of the flock.  One of the roosters (R.I.P.) jumped on Chelsea's back!  Oh my.  It is getting harder and harder to get the flock to come back in.  Our chickens don't seem to be very smart, but they do seem to have a mind of their own.
How are you doing this week?  I feel like I'm getting there.  I've got some shopping done.  I have a few Christmas cards made.  In no way shape or form am I bragging, but I have grown as an artist to the point that my cards are not as simple as they were in the past.  This is my third (fourth?) year of making my own cards.  I am working on a couple of different designs and they are complex.  Complex means that each one takes a long time to make.  But I love it.  I'll post at some point. 
Doug and I walked through Sam's Club, Walmart and Big Lots the other night just to see if we needed anything.  Nope.  We discussed that some might think we are big ol'scrooges.  We don't have many Christmas decorations out.  We have a little four foot artificial tree in the fireplace room that we enjoy.  Other than that, the decorations are sparse. His two sons and girlfriend/wife that live in town will join us at some point, but other than that, we don't expect to entertain.  My son and girlfriend were here for Thanksgiving and I am off to visit my daughter and family.  If we were having a big dinner or party we might go to more of an effort. 
My heart is especially tender this time of year.  Tender for the needs of others.  Sensitive to the point that I am easily moved to tears.  I have so much and yet it seems there is never enough money.  Then I think about those who truly have nothing.  Sometimes I think God, why did you give me this heart?
I love this image.  If I were a tattoo girl I might do something like this.  This is what I imagine my heart to look like.  My heart has wings.  Of course my heart has wings.  I have a "my heart has wings" wooden stamp that is just about worn out, I've used it so much.  And of course my heart has a crown.  And a flame.  My heart burns with flames.  If that flame ever goes out, I'm in big-time trouble. 
I love where I am in life.  In the past I was more emotional.  Now that I'm older and don't have the hormonal fluctuations, I am more logical and reasonable.  Plus, I am more educated.  That never hurts as far as logic and reason goes.  I don't let the opinion of others define who I am.  I know myself and I am happy with who I am.  When Doug and I met on my statement was "Can you handle a smart girl?"  Doug says it should have said "Can you handle a smart ass girl."  When my ex and I split he said I was too challenging and that he was going out to get a ditz- "the total opposite of me."  Well, he did that (and it was quite the compliment to me) for a while but he must have tired of that because he finally settled for a lovely, intelligent woman.  But not all men can handle a smart girl.  Some think it is too challenging.  I always think of that scene in "Harry Met Sally" when Meg Ryan says "I'm difficult!"  And Billy Crystal says "But in a good way." 
Finally, I would like to encourage me if you are joining me in the battle of the bulge this holiday season.  I am trying!  I am two pounds down from the Sunday after Thanksgiving when I got on the scales and said "OHMIGOSH."  Try to eat a little less, drink a little less.  Go for a walk.  Just try.  You'll be happy you did come January 1 when the big diet season is upon us.  Less gained means less to lose. 
I'm off to Babyland, Maryland tomorrow.  The baby Bee met Santa last weekend and let's just say she was a little less than delighted to meet him.  She screamed and cried.  Baby Bee (screaming) and Santa are my profile photo on facebook right now.  It makes me smile.  I know, mean Grandma.  I'm off to rock and love and cuddle and hug.  Just wanted to check in on you and say How ya doin?  Spread the love, it's Christmas!


ArtyMarti said...

I have pictures of my grandkids with Santa from the time they were babies til now (5&7) First there was curiosity, then fear, now enjoyment.
When, I was married, my ex hated that I was smarter than him, and I never tried to rub it in, but he knew. After the divorce he also hooked up with a bimbo and they are still together. But I am glad that God gave me brains, they come in handy.

Kris said...

Oh I love that photo of the hens being watched by Milo! I don't let mine out til all eggs have been laid. I am collecting one from each of them almost daily!
They put themselves back to the roost, and I come lock the door for the night at dusk. Can't wait to add on to the coop come spring, and get more chicks!!
ENJOY your daughter and grandbaby!!!!! Love the smart (ass) girl comment!

msdebbiea said...

Sharing the Christmas joy in my world! Happy, safe travels my friend! Love you~~Me

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Seems like Christmas is in a hurry this year. Im almost done with all my "little" shopping. Life has changed since Dave has passed away. Definitely an adjustment. If I was younger I would definitely do a tattoo. Love them. Some of them are beautiful. Still have to send out my Christmas cards . . . I'm getting there:O) Enjoy your beautiful grandbaby . . . my middle son did not like Santa . . too funny now when I look back. Blessings, Sandy:O)


Love that photo of Milo looking out at the chickens. We have always had indoor cats, but a few years back we had a cat named Midnight who just NEEDED to be outside. So we let it go explore. It worked out well for a while. Cat has since passed. I LOVED that you said, "I don't let the opinion of others define who I am." That is exactly how I feel. I march to the beat of my own drummer. Good luck with your weight watching. Christmas here will be just my hubby and I. Going over to my daughters on the Friday before to celebrate with grandkids. She works in the hospital and has the night off. Go ENJOY that Grandma time. They grow up so fast. Right now Santa looks kind of scary. All that hair. LOL But she'll outgrow the fear. Have FUN. Take care.

Pam said...

This is a great post and I love your writing style. Good thoughts and it flows easily! Love the pic of Milo! Our 2 black cats stay inside since we live on the edge of a subdivision and get visited by many deer, coyotes, and so forth. I had to laugh at "sop" as it brought back good memories of growing up on the farm. Love the "smart ass" remark and your FB avatar!!!! Baby Bee is a doll! You take care and have a grand time with your daughter and grandbaby! Hugs

Chatty Crone said...

Well you know what - I like your heart just the way it is - it is perfect for you. sandie

Amish Stories said...

Id like to wish you and your family a merry Christmas, and to thank you so much for being a reader on Amish Stories. Richard

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