Sunday, December 11, 2011


IU won HUGE last night.  Funny how one point can be a HUGE game.  (I love the look on Coach Crean's face right after the game- looks like he is about to barf!)  I was down in Nashville at Papertrix yesterday, helping Cindy with inventory.  (Will be there again today if you care to come by and say hi.)  The game was just ending as I got in my car to drive from Nashville to Bloomington.  The game was so exciting I could barely keep from speeding.  (What you hear on this video is what I was hearing on the radio.)  Bloomington was crazy.  It was like New Year's Eve, horns honking, people screaming and yelling.  I called my daughter after the game and held my phone into the air and she could hear the mayhem.  As you can see by the video, the fans took the floor after the game and then they poured on to Kirkwood.  Have you ever heard of the term Hoosier Hysteria?  Oh yeah.  It was goin' on.   I met Doug at Yogi's and it was just crazy. 
I grew up on basketball.  That is what Indiana is all about.  Have you ever seen the movie Hoosiers?  I grew up in New Castle which is home to the world's largest and finest field house.  I graduated in that field house.  I can remember crying after a loss in high school.  Might seem dumb to some to cry after a game, but it was that big.  It was the end of the world. 
My son, Thanksgiving weekend at New Castle field house.
(photo courtesy of Dino's facebook account)
We initially heard that tickets for the IU/Kentucky game were going for $500.00 each.  Then Doug heard about four guys who bought tickets and paid $750.00 each.  That is just dumb if you ask me, but  I tell you this to illustrate how big of a game this was!  It would have been sweet to have been at the game in person.  And after this win, fans will be clamoring for tickets.  This is what Indiana basketball is all about.  Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star says it best.  This article is pure poetry- "they rushed like a bunch of kids being let out for recess?"  Be still my heart. 


ain't for city gals said...

Hoosiers is one of my absolute fave movies!!

ArtyMarti said...

Basketball is the best game. I like that it is constant action.

Cheryl said...

We were offered an insane amount of money for our tickets. I am sooo glad we chose to go instead of pocketing the cash for Christmas. THIS is Indiana!

Kris said...

When my husband gets up, I need him to read this! Cheryl, I grew up on Baseball. I so hoped my son would play. My brothers played baseball and football. I knew both games. I was a jock too. I was springboard diver in high school. Imagine that, I hate heights now. My husband was a basketball player and LIVES and breaths the sport! Our son was a basketball player. SO ding dang good! But his senior year, he got burned out. He could of gone anywhere and played if he had wanted to. He is 6'5" and had all the tools. I spent YEARS in a gym!!! We love the movie Hoosiers!!! Great movie! My husband went to the UCLA game last night. Yep, we know basketball, and we get it!!!

From the Kitchen said...

Can you believe that I said to my husband "I cannot stand to see them lose after doing so well the whole game" and walked out of the room????? Then I heard whooping, etc. and he said "I.U. won!!!!!". I MISSED IT! Oh well. I'm just thrilled they won.


Rae said...

OMG. I am pleased as punch to find another basketball fan. I don't meet many of them here in Blogville. My family resides in Indy and they are IU fans. My loyalty lies with the Orange and Blue. I live and die with the Fighting Illini. There is nothing as exciting as Big Ten basketball. I love it. Congrats on the IU win. I understand all the celebration. It's been a long dry spell for your Hoosiers. Hope you have many more wins - except when you play the orange and blue:)

Keetha Broyles said...

I am SOOOOOO proud of the Hoosiers for that win - - - even though I now live in WI, I am STILL glad IU is headed back into basketball fame!!!!

I never did like Bobby Knight - - - he had too many "mean" sides to him. So I am THRILLED that Tom Crean is beginning to bring the program back!!! I THOUGHT he could do it - - - he was dynamite at Marquette.

Miss Janice said...

Stopping by to catch up with you...hoping that you are having the happiest of Christmas holidays ever!

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