Friday, December 2, 2011

Bowl of jelly

Do you think Santa wonders how did this happen? 
You know, your waist band gets tight, your bra gets tight, whatever it is doesn't want to button?  And I don't know about you, but I think how did this happen?  I am getting ready to be interviewed by another blogger which has caused me to take a long hard look at my blog.  I've sat looking through old posts and photos.  Posts a little more than a year ago that talk about being a gym-rat.   I was doing boot camp.  I was filled with determination.  It was a "biggest loser" type of situation and I won!  I did.  I was the top overall female.  But, my weight has crept back on.  Bite by bite, nibble by nibble, little by little.
Santa and his bowl full of jelly
We spent Thanksgiving day waiting to go pick up my son and his girlfriend.  We baked a ham and had a couple of ham sandwiches.  We congratulated ourselves and joked about how we were probably the only people that were not stuffed.  And despite the lovely salad that my son's girlfriend made and her healthful influence, once they arrived, we ate and ate.  On Sunday morning after they left I stepped on the scales and was horrified to see that the scales were as high as they had been since boot camp, a year ago.  I went to the Y that afternoon.  And I went back on Tuesday after work and last night after work.  I said to Doug "can we try through the holidays?"  I want to not only maintain and not gain any more weight, but lose!
Are you with me ladies?
I'm talking to myself, here, but if this applies to you, then heed my advice:  ignore that little voice in your head!  I need to ignore that voice that says "sit down in front of that nice hot fire and take a load off- have a glass of wine- have some cheese- have some crackers- have a beer!"  (Then whatever you do, don't move the rest of the evening!)    Shut up little voice!
And this is where I might add that I don't want a bowl full of jelly belly, but I already have one.  And I'm tired of this:
As much as I love muffins, I do not love the muffin top!  (Or, for that matter "mom jeans.") (And as I am not entirely certain just what "mom jeans" are, I may be guilty of wearing them already- despite how cool I think I look in my mind...)

And remember, every pound counts.  Every pound UP and every pound DOWN.  (Gross, huh?)

Here is one way to look at it:

just say no!
And remember:
I battle SAD during the fall and winter.  I've been off and on anti-depression meds.  IF you need them, take them, by all means!  People have suggested that I've never been on the correct meds, but they make me feel lethargic and numb.  I feel like I gain weight when I'm on them.  When I asked my doctor if there was an anti-depressant that has an appetite suppressant in it, she replied "wouldn't that be handy?"  I was able to avoid taking anti-depressants last fall and winter and hope to avoid them this fall and winter.  I talked to my son's girlfriend when she was here and said "it is hard to get out the door, but I always feel better afterward!"  (If nothing else, I'm glad when it is over!)  My doctor advises averaging 35 minutes a day.  What is that?  Four hours of exercise a week?  I think I can do this!  My goal is to get my heart rate up and to sweat.  In turn, that causes me to consider what I am and am not putting into my mouth.  Nibble when it comes to sweets and fats and carbs.  I'm not saying cut them out entirely because if you are like me, it makes me crazy with cravings, but just a little.

My friend Jayme over at Tales from the Coop Keeper has done an amazing job this past year.  She has taken off around one hundred pounds!  For more inspiration (and a lot of giggles) go over and give her a visit! 


Kris said...

I am right there with you! I have gained 40 pounds in the four years that I have been home taking care of Noah. I used to run every morning. Now...not so much!
Luck to us. But as for me....not gonna worry til after the holidays!

Chatty Crone said...

I'm second in line!

Now why 35 minute instead of 30?



Look at Santa, does he care if you're fat or thin. Seriously? I am an expert on this subject. Eight years ago I lost over 170 pounds. I did it walking 8 miles a day. I kept it off for over six years. WALKING drops the pounds, but it also wore out my knees. Now I can't walk. My knees need to be replaced. Got depressed, meds packed on pounds and I'm back where I started. But NOW I am happy. I accept myself for WHO I AM. I never recognized that thin girl in the mirror. It wasn't me. I am older, wiser. I think our society spends too much time obsessing about weight, especially 10 pounds here or there. Our parents, grandparents and great grandparents lived long lives not constantly worried about what the scale said. SAVOR Life. EMBRACE it. And if your waistband is a little tight, then let it out.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

I've lost sixty pounds during the past three years, and just over dropping my pounds jumped back around my middle. Ugh. I've given away all of my fat clothes to be used at a local mental health center. So...there's NO going back.
Loved this post little motivator you! I may just "enjoy" the holiday season then get serious again on Jan. 1.
That would be really stupid though, wouldn't it? S i g h...

ain't for city gals said...

Every bite counts!! You have to exercise!! We deserve it can do it! I don't even do it anymore to try to get skinny..I do it because I want to stay healthy and be able to go hiking and running and everything!!! I blamed menopause for too long...lost about 4 years of living...never again!

Rosemary said...

It's tough to remember that every bite counts! Thanks for all the lovely reminders. I was svelte last spring, but it's come back. Just like you say, s-l-o-w-l-y, nibble by nibble. I'm dreading the holidays!

Karen said...

Jayme is a hoot, I watched her journey, simply amazing and honest :-)

I just lost 20 lbs. this year and I feel so much better with the weight off. I couldn't believe how I let it creep up on me like that! I am hoping i am able to continue to eat smart, and stay away from the fatty crap.

stephanie said...

Right there with you..Have started doing two 9:00 classes a week @ NGPT, but still eating like crap....I am still amazed at how the fat just crept back on--And, that I let it!

Jen Kershner said...

I'm totally with you! It is a struggle every day to make good choices. It seems like I have failed most days for the last several months putting everything else as a priority over me. No more. I'm gonna finish catching up on some email and I'm getting on the eliptical. Thanks for the kick in the pants!

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