Friday, December 24, 2010

"Sluttin' it up for the Christmas customers." *

*With special Holiday Apologies to those who expect my usual "pg" blog. 

My children aren't here this Christmas, so my dear friend Jennifer promised that we would get together either on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning.  So this morning we met for brunch. 
I called her and said "I'm ready, are you?"  She answered "I'm just doing my face- don't make fun of me, but I'm sluttin' it up for the Christmas customers."  Jennifer works at a jewelry store in the mall.  Doug has told me before that when he is in a jewelry store looking for something for me and he sees boobs,  he just gets stupid.  Don't all men get stupid when they see boobs?
Jennifer sporting a run in her stockings.  Which, you really can't see.
 She was off to buy more stockings before going to work.

Me, on the street in Bloomington.

my cappuccino and our mimosas
my "Popeye omelet"  (spinach)

Jennifer- not looking slutty at all.

I brought glitter lotion for her to put on.  That will dazzle 'em!

sigh.  Oh youthful beauty.


les deux

We ended up at our third choice for brunch.  It was difficult to find a place that was open on Christmas Eve.

Jennifer is my "sex in the city" friend.  No matter what we get together to do, she always looks fabulous.  Then she inspires me  to try to look fabulous, too. 


Joan said...

Love this post! I love that you have a "sex in the city" friend. I need to get me one of those! Have a wonderful holiday. =)

farmlady said...

And you do look so pretty. It's nice to see a picture of you. The one on the river with the pup is not a "sex in the city" look. You really stepped up to the plate and you are holding your own with you friend.
Have a wonderful holiday....

Anonymous said...

You are fab! I just encourage you to show off your assets more! You work so hard for what you have...Work that money maker. :)
Thank you for including me in your Christmas celebration.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

you are just so beautiful.

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