Sunday, December 5, 2010

Post conference

Thursday night I had a lovely time sleeping in the big king size bed.  The three other women that I sat with at dinner and I had an interesting conversation.  We talked about staying in a hotel all alone.  It seems I was the only one who had ever done so.  One woman, married thirty-five years to her high school sweetheart.  Another woman, a teacher.  Another, a young widow.  I would suspect that I had the lease financial means to do so, but I had traveled solo a great deal.  I was single for eighteen years.  These were years before cell phones.  On the weekends that my children would spend with their dad, it wasn't unusual for me to take off on an adventure all of my own.  An escape, often to the little town where I am now employed part-time.  I love getting away by myself and found it interesting that none of the others had ever done so.
Friday morning I reported for work at 7:15 a.m.  The conference center had this wonderful to-die-for Ethiopian coffee.
Friday morning.  My coffee & Droid HTC

ready to be descended upon
 Friday evening, at the awards banquet, the entertainment was the Marvin Chandler duo.  Marvin is an amazing man.  You can tell he is filled with love.  It shines from within.  He sang a beautiful song about "when a child is born," which he wrote upon the birth of his daughter.  The music was amazing.
Marvin Chandler belts one out.

Saturday morning we woke to a little snow on the ground.  Doug told me that back home, Bloomington had four inches on the ground.  I found that hard to believe. 

courtyard at the conference center
When we arrived at the university, my car was buried.  I forgot my gloves, but have a long-handled scraper/brush.  I made quick work of clearing my windows in the twenty-something degree temperatures. 
the top of my Civic
 On Saturday, Doug took Chelsea out to put on a little show for me in the snow and I had to go outdoors to take some photographs. 
Chelsea playing Frisbee in the snow
Look at that smile!  She loves it!

Seat, anyone?

snow patio set complete with snow planter
 Between my full time job and part-time job, up to Thanksgiving day I had worked 31 days.  Then from Thanksgiving day until Sunday after Thanksgiving, members of Doug's family were here. We had a lovely time and they are welcome, anytime.  Then for three days, we worked frantically getting ready for conference.  I came home yesterday and my son was here for a (far too brief) Christmas visit. Always my joy and pleasure to spend time with my children.  They both live out of state. 
My son left this morning and today is my first lazy day in a very long time.  I am sitting before the fire.  The Christmas tree is lit.  Chelsea dozes on the sofa, beside me.  I am finishing the laundry.  I am going to work on my Christmas cards and I am not going out of the house! 
Now, tell me what you've been up to.


Lisa said...

Wow - you've been busy! I love the comment on the hotel...I've done that a few times. It feels unbelievably freeing, a reminder of who I am and how I choose to act when not driven by the needs of others.

I've been up to oodles of reflection, so not a lot on the outside. Christmas-tree shopping, house-clearing, kid-playing, etc.

I hope you are finding some more peaceful time (amidst all of this snow) :)

Chatty Crone said...

I see you have been a little busy! I thought about you and figured you got some snow when I heard the weather reports.

No snow here, but it is cold.


^..^Corgidogmama said...

You've had some busy days, and you're long overdue for some R&R in front of a fire, feet up and corgi near. Sounds like heaven.

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