Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Christmas card

All my life I've been a card freak.  If I couldn't find the right card, I didn't buy a card.  When I started to make my own cards a few years ago, I felt relief.  Finally, an expression from me.  Often times, from me- created for a certain person.
I love Christmas cards and am sad that through the years people have sent fewer and fewer.  In my mind, it is a minor expense, a way to tell someone that you are thinking of them.  I can't imagine not sending Christmas cards.
This year's card was created using three stamps by Memory Box.  I adore the sweet little red bird.  I used a couple of new inks, too.  The birch trees were done in London Fog by Momento.  The background swirls was Versa Magic Oasis Green and the red bird was Versa Magic Red Magic.  With both I used Dew Drops which are a great way to try out a new ink.  The Versa Magic takes a little while to dry so I did all of the cards in stages and had them drying, but for the type of finish it created, it was worth it to me.  I bought all of my supplies at Papertrix.  (The store is closed for January and February, but will reopen in March.)
simple red bird on birch branch

let heaven and nature SING
I love making my own cards.  I sit down to create and any stress that I am feeling flows from me.  And it is just a little extra love from me to those that I send them to.


Hope said...

I love your card. It is spectacular. I would love to get together and stamp sometime. I have about a million stamps....but don't know how to maximize my stamping. A lot of my stamps came from Papertrix! P.S. I love to send Christmas cards!!!

Chatty Crone said...


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