Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Past

Highlights of Christmas 2010:  On Christmas Eve, Jennifer and I went to breakfast in town.  (See previous post.)  Then Doug and I made dinner for his two sons and one  son's fiance.  We had beautiful soft snow falling all day.  The road conditions were so bad that their cars couldn't make it up the small hill to our house.  I think because it was Christmas Eve (or the snow fell so fast) that the crews were not out cleaning the roads.  At one point there were four cars at the bottom of the hill.  As I kept an eye on what was on the stove and chatted with my parents who are two hours north, I tried to view the car drama down below.
Thus, to Doug's delight, son number two spent the night with us.  Very nice for dad and son.  They flipped channels back and forth (why do men do this?) and we watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and Christmas Story at the same time.  My favorite scenes  in Christmas Story were when the Dad swears a blue streak, the mom and the little piggie scene.  It is fun that Christmas Story is set in Indiana so I hear references to places I've been.  In Christmas Vacation I love it when Chevy Chase calls the boss every name in the book. 
On Christmas morning, I made Christmas coffees.  (Bailey's, cinnamon coffee and reddi whip topped with cinnamon.)  Doug made sticky buns - homemade from scratch.  Son number one and fiance returned and the pan of rolls quickly disappeared.
Neither of my children were here this year.  (Which was not a highlight.)   But thanks to the wonders of technology, I was able to skype with my east coast daughters and we opened gifts with them.  My first skype experience and I enjoyed it very much.  Doug and I went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner, but were dismayed to find that due to Christmas day, we couldn't have margaritas.   Then we went to see True Grit.  (More on that in a later post.)  Afterward I visited with my son in North Carolina and his girlfriend over the phone. Here are some scenes from Christmas Past:
my homemade cheese ball.  I despise store-bought cheese ball.

Santa stopped by.  Dig on those "Christmas Pants."

Chelsea & moi.  Christmas Eve.

Christmas coffee and sticky buns.

Special gift from Santa.  (Thanks, Donna!)

Christmas Day walk.

Doesn't it look like she is saying "are YOU lookin' at me?"

Doug and Chelsea and an abandoned car.

headin' for home
Now, I want to hear all about your Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Your favorite part is the swearing....
Glad you figured out the camera!

Chatty Crone said...

You must have been a good girl. sandie

Hope said...

It is awesome to see all the Bloomington haunts...I love the Uptown! Store bought cheeseballs are the pits....except for the Kroger Buttery Swiss....I adore that one. Get that special polish at the nail salon in the mall....or at that salon on the west side!!

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