Monday, December 13, 2010

Fresh wreath

You know how you lose things?  Somewhere along the way, I lost my artificial wreath.  I know I had one because I remember it was in a big flat box.  I moved here three years ago.  It may have been lost in the move or it might be lost in the barn.  (If you saw the state of the barn, you would understand losing things out there.)  At any rate, I noticed this year that my wreath was missing.  I had coupons for Hobby Lobby and Michael's and figured I could find something I would like at one of the stores.  When I was out shopping, with the word "wreath" on my list, I called to check in with Doug.  He told me that our friends bought us a fresh cut wreath for Christmas.  I said "you are kidding, I have wreath on my list of things to shop for!"  He said he would wait until I got home to take it out of the box.  It is deliciously fragrant and gorgeous.
 Yes, our front door is bright blue.  We have three diamond-shaped windows that are trimmed in bright red.

I love keys and last Christmas this key with message was on a gift from a friend.  When I received the key and tag I thought I'll hang that on a wreath on the front door next Christmas.  So I held onto it in anticipation.  As much as I love to embellish, I think if I did too much, I might spoil the natural beauty of this wreath.  I took a simple gold ribbon and attached the key & tag to the wreath with a single bow.
If you love this wreath as much as I do, you can get one at this website.  Our friend's brother makes them.  What is on your front door to welcome holiday guests?


^..^Corgidogmama said...

That really is an outstanding wreath Cheryl!
Love your key to the house for Santa on your tree as well. Cool beans.

Angela said...

You have a great friend Cheryl! That is one beautiful wreath! I am going to try to make one this year with the branches that my husband trimmed off our tree. I hope it will be as pretty as yours. Love the key to the house for Santa too! I might have to do something like that for my son. He just can't figure out how Santa gets in our house when we have gas logs in our fireplace without a chimney! hehehe

Merry Christmas!

Joycee said...

I can just smell that beautiful wreath! We live in the woods and have artificial wreaths and garland...that's crazy! Would love to have fresh but my practical side wants to recycle. Love the Santa Key, where did you find it?

Farmgirl Paints said...

awww that's awesome it was on your list and you got one. it looks pretty against the blue door:)

farmlady said...

Nothing is on my front door.... nothing. A fresh wreath would look so beautiful. I think I will look around for one here in town. Give my money to the local craftsmen....
Yours is just lovely. Love the shape.

Whosyergurl said...

Joycee, the key was a gift. I did look on line and you can buy them and there are several poems about using the key to get in.

Chatty Crone said...

What an awesome gift from your friend. You were winked by God there girl. sandie

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