Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just being my usual amazing self

I work full time.  Forty hours a week at the university.  I also work part-time at Papertrix.  This is my night that I get to be home alone.  Because he works his one night a week part-time job at the YMCA.  (He works full time, too.)
If I go to workout, then I don't get to have my evening home alone.  I like to be home alone. 
He calls.
Guess what he said?  (In unison, ladies...) "What 'cha doin'?"
 I said (and this is the truth) "I'm doing dishes and ironing, simultaneously.  I iron for a bit and then go do some dishes, then go back to the ironing and then back to the dishes. "
And that is what I was doing. 
 Then I wrapped a present for a friend who is turning fifty.  Her family is having a party on Saturday night and we are going.  I found this adorable angel necklace at Kohl's.
One of my tags that I made.  See the little bird peeking out?
Keep pulling the tag from the envelope. 
Then I worked on my Christmas cards that I'm making.
Then I opened the flu wide-open and  I built a one match fire.  How amazing is that?  All those years in Girl Scouts is paying off!
Then I sat down to write to you!
What amazing tasks did you accomplish this evening?


Hope said...

Mundane tasks......cleaned the craft tables. I have three placed in the dining room and now they are completely free of clutter and ready to begin knew projects.

Privet and Holly said...

Hey fellow Midwest
girl! Thanks for
popping over to P&H
from our friend the
Farmgirl! LOVE your
bird tags....Sounds
like you are a very
crafty lady....and an
extremely busy one.
I hope that you will
be blessed with some
lovely, peaceful time
over the holidays.
Happy weekend!
xx Suzanne

^..^Corgidogmama said...

If women couldn't multi-task, and y'know that each and every one of can....the world would absolutely stop! I haven't stopped since walking thorough the back door Tues. night from the airport. It's been catch up ever since! We must have a gene that makes us part octopus..and our brains are fractured into tiny pieces with many skills. One for each arm!

Chatty Crone said...

That is the definition of a woman . . . sandie

farmlady said...

I remember those days. I remember when I could work all day and come home , cook dinner, go to a meeting, help the boys with homework and iron for the next day. Lordy, where did my energy go?
Today I got out of bed, took some medicine, ate breakfast, wrote Christmas cards and took more medicine. I'm sick.
But I brushed my hair while I was using the toilet. Does that count as multitasking?

KleinsteMotte said...

Great. I am home alone many a day. That come with age. I got my cards done too. There were only four but each needed a nice letter and that takes time.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Cheryl, sweet necklace . . Us women are such multi-taskers, aren't we? Pretty gift tag too. Sandy"O)

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