Thursday, December 2, 2010


Two times a year we have conference.  In June, it is in Bloomington.  In December it is in Indianapolis.  Usually, I spend the first night alone, then the second night, the duggles joins me.  This weekend, he decided to stay home with Chelsea.  So I have this very nice, quiet hotel room all to myself.  A mini vacation.  Up until Thanksgiving day, I had worked 31 days straight - between my full-time job at the university and my part-time job in Nashville.  Then we had company from Thursday until Sunday.  Then I returned to work on Monday and started preparing for conference weekend.  It is pretty sweet to have this quiet room tout seul.

A King size bed for lil' ol' me
 I'm sitting in this chair with my feet up on the footstool right now.  I love to have my feet up! 
 View of the city from my window.  The glint in the sky on the right side of the picture is a plane taking off.
bright lights
I think conferences are exhausting.  Especially when you are putting it on.  When you are on you are ON.  Smiling, smiling, smiling.  Greeting.  Organizing.  Taking minutes.  Answering questions.  Alert. 
So I'll treasure this time in this quiet room.  When I returned to my room after dinner, snow was falling softly on the city.  It was so pretty.  I'm settling in for a little winter's nap.  A nap in naptown. 


^..^Corgidogmama said...

A nice respite for you after a harrowing month of work! Hope you enjoyed those few hours on your bliss~!

Donna said...

I just love your posts. The room is gorgeous! What a nice little respite. Enjoy to the fullest.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

So sweet . . but looks a little lonely. Enjoy your quiet time . . actually that's a time when God enjoys talking to us. Lots of blessing, Sandy:O)

Anonymous said...

Part of me wants to drive up there and spend the time reading in peace and quiet. :) Miss you!

Chatty Crone said...

You had a little mini vacation there girl - hope you didn't let the bed bugs bite.


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