Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Welcome to my prairie!

Introducing, Prairie Willow! I had the most difficult time deciding upon the perfect shade of green to compliment the counter top in the kitchen. Finally, I narrowed it down to about three and asked Doug to choose. He chose "Prairie Willow." I told him that he chose it because it was the "bluest" of the three greens and he said "what do you mean- blue? It is green." Men will never understand that you can have a blue-green, a yellow-green, an orange-green...they just don't get it. To them it is so very simple. Green is green. first coat tonight

this shows the green and cream side by side

I told you before of how I have the most particular thoughts while I'm painting. Perhaps it is the fumes, or just the way my mind wanders when I am being artistic. Doug came home and asked me how I got the lines so straight at the top of the room- where the green meets the white. I said "I'm going to blog about it, so you can learn all about it, then."

I like to use the chiseled wedge foam brush- the smallest size. First, I load it with just enough paint, not so much that it drips, and then I push one color up to the edge of the next. You just want to introduce the two colors together enough that they kiss just a little. Then you hope that the two take to one another and embrace each other.

Now, where would someone get such a "special" way of describing how they bring two different colors of paint one to the other? I remembered all of the times I would watch the painting guy- Bob Ross. He was always so soothing- painting happy trees and fluffy little clouds. So calming. He passed away in '95, but his show is still on re-runs sometimes. Bob Ross painting fluffy clouds.

Do any of you remember him? He was a very gentle, calming man. I would just lay on the sofa and watch him paint and relax. Not so relaxing when I am the one doing the painting- but I can still have peaceful thoughts in the meantime!


amadi_construction said...

In colour therapy, green is the colour of healing and growth. It’s calming and restful and brings balance to the soul......it’s also a lucky colour!

ain't for city gals said...

I love to paint also...it is so relaxing to me..I didn't know Bob had passed away...I still watch him on PBS painting and always think.."How does he do that"...love your blue-green..lol...

Nicole said...

I love watching Bob paint! I feel like I could paint the best pine trees in the world just from watching him! I didn't realize it had been so long since he passed away. He's paintings may not have been the most complex, but they were always beautiful.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Believe it or not Cheryl, but Mr. Ross, long gone I know, is still shown on PBS here on weekends! Our PBS comes from South Bend and Ft.Wayne. I remember as a kid getting a how to paint set with his name on the box. Oh man, that dates me big time!
Isn't it amazing how a freshly painted ceiling brightens up a room. Oh...did you paint your ceiling? Love the colors. It looks like a celery color. Kudos to you for getting your spring chores done before summer happens.
Can't wait to see the total results.

Together We Save said...

That green is beautiful.... and yes I remember him, his show ran on PBS. It was so calming and conforting... I was so amazed by his painting skill.

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